The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

By Mark Twain

Jim and Huck First Meet On Jackson Island...

Huck and Jim find each other on Jackson Island. They each did not know each other ran away. They we're excited to not be alone, and made a pact to stick together. Jim tells his story about why he ran away. Mrs. Watson was talking about selling Jim, so he ran away before she even had the chance to decide. Huck tells Jim about how Pap was after him and his money again, so he ran away also. What a coincidence that they both ended up on the same island.

Jim and Huck's Adventure Down the River.

Jim and Huck voyage down the river in order to stay hidden from Mrs. Watson and Pap. Their journey is very long. They plan to go all the way to Ohio to save and free Jim, so he can buy his wife and daughter to set them free, also. There plans get all sorts of messed up. They soon meet these two con artists, and they jump on the raft along with Jim and Huck. They are clearly con artists. The Dauphin and the Duke make many stops on their voyage to con people out of their money. Huck knew they were clearly fakes, but he just went along with it. The con artists' were jerks. They treated Huck and Jim like total crap. In the end, the Dauphin turned Jim in, and he almost got killed. These people we're crooks, and mistreated everyone. They were also thieves. They stole money from anyone possible. In my opinion, they were terrible people.

When Jim Gets Captured.

When Jim gets captured after the Dauphin turned him in, Tom comes along with Huck to try to free him. At first, Tom is just in it for the fun of it, while Huck honestly cares about Jim. Jim was mistreated by everyone his whole life. The only one who had ever treated Jim as a regular human being, was Huck. Huck and Jim were actually very close friends. Anyways, Tom makes up a very complicated plan, while Huck has a simple and easy plan. They go with Tom's plan, because he has a way with his words. Tom was very persuasive. They ended up breaking Jim out, but they were noticed and shot at during their escape. Tom was shot. Jim and Huck both agreed that Tom needed to see a doctor, so Huck leaves them both and finds Tom a doctor. If it weren't for Huck, Tom would have died. Tom tells the men who have recaptured Jim to set him free, and they do so. Jim was finally treated like a king. Jim was free, Huck and Tom were friends, and wanted to go another adventure together.
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