permian period

the 6th time period

Major geologic events of that time period.

  1. Desserts become larger in tropical regions. The supercontinent Pangaea forms as all continents join together.

What was the climate like?

  1. As the Permian opened, the Earth was still in the grip of an ice age, in the middle of the time period it was warmer and milder, and in the tropical areas it was covered in swampy forests.

Dominant organisms living at that time - animals and plant.

The plants and animals that lived in the permian period are gymnosperms,Arthropods cicadas beetles,True bugs,Synapsids,and Sauropsids

What was the environment like?

The environment in the permian time period was covered in snow and had ice all over in the south and the north was covered with swamps.

What are the main things travelers might like to see?

The Appalachians,rocky mountains, sand dunes insects and amphibians. These things might be very interesting for the people that don’t know a lot about the time period.

What should travelers pack for comfort and safety?

They should pack safety gear, a camera, water, food, shorts, t-shirt, pants, long sleeved shirt, shoes, and a hat. These are the things a traveler should bring on their trip.

What dangers might travelers face?

Running into a giant reptile, getting a type of disease, and being chased by a giant reptile. These are dangerous things that might happen.If get a terrible disease nobody can cure it because they don’t know how to, and if you run into a giant reptile than you may be eaten by it