Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Amy Reynolds

Evaluation. #3

Pride and Prejudice is an excellent novel for the English IV curriculum. I thoroughly enjoyed getting the opportunity to read this book in class. It was interesting and understandable. Pride and Prejudice teaches English, life, and historical information.

For example, Pride and Prejudice contains great vocabulary words that are advanced enough to learn but not to complex that you can't understand. Some words I didn't know before but do now are, fastidious, cordial, stricture, and impute. Although I now know what the words mean, the context though allowed me to get a general understanding of the word before I looked it up.

It teaches life lessons such as, prejudice, not judging someone to quickly, and pride, meaning to not make yourself seem so superior to others. The book shows how the two relate to each other in given situations. For example, at the beginning of the book Elizabeth is prejudice towards Darcy for being so prideful. Towards the end it shows the transformation between the two and they both learn to accept each other despite their differences. Darcy isn't so prideful and Elizabeth gives him a chance instead of judging him immediately.

Also, the book teaches historical information, for example, the marriage customs of the time period. It was considered normal to get married at young ages. It was also normal for marriages to not be based off of love, but money. If a women began to run out of time, and a wealthy man showed an interest in her, she may accept him in marriage before actually having affection toward each other. Although Elizabeth felt opposite, she felt that there has to be a connection and a general love for the other before you consider marriage.

Pride and Prejudice is a great novel for English IV students or even anyone looking for a good book.

Creative Writing. #2

1. Darcy and Elizabeth

He met a woman with such beauty and intellect

He began to admire all of her characteristics

Bravely enough he spoke from his heart

But after what she said, he couldn’t have been more torn apart

This woman judged him just by a glance

Though he gave endless effort for her love, she never gave him a chance

Her judgment didn’t come from his appearance or growth of his brain

Her judgment came from what she thought was a man with low humane

Even though he already knew what her answer would be

Still, he asked this question, “Will you marry me?”

She rejected his offer with a plain calm voice

She later on rethinks if that was the right choice

As time has passed by, since that question was asked

Her feelings became unraveled, unblurred, and unmasked

She comes to him with truth to be told

Which to some people, is a move too bold

As he takes her back into his life

Not just as a friend, but as his lawfully wedded wife

Since that day, they share; happiness, love, and laughter

Till the day they die, they’ll live happily ever after

2 Bingley and Jane

The perfect chance for love to eventually fall

Appeared at a fairytale time showcasing at the town ball

From across the room their eyes met

Not even knowing one’s name, their feelings were set

A cliché phrase is “love at first sight”

These two lovers, danced away their night

A strong relationship had grown between these two

The amount of love they had for each other, was so surpassed they never knew

Sadly every roller coaster has its peak and slope

Someone got in the way of their love, the results we could only hope

The couple eventually split apart, not by choice

But by an order that came from the same someone’s voice

The man hopelessly in love had to leave with no commotion

Which left his lover in hopeless devotion

As months passed, they both waited

But still their love had never faded

Finally for he has returned and eager to see his love

Knowing in his heart and thanking the man above

This couple and their love had once again rejoiced that day

Realizing that them being together, nothing could stand in their way