The Killing Of A Wife

Wife Dead In Greenwich Village Apartments By Felix Castillo

Evidence of the Murder

In my neighborhood weird thing have been occurring and as a neighbor I have been keeping a close eyes on my neighbors but one man by the name L.B. Jeffries. He had gotten into in accident as a photographer so he is laid up with a broken leg. Since his injury to pass the time a nurse and his fashionable model girlfriend Lisa would come by. Jeffries would stare through the rear window of his apartment because of his boredom around his courtyard. As he watched his neighbors, Miss Torso, Miss Lonely hearts, Lars Thorwald , who is saddled with a nagging, invalid wife. One afternoon, Thorwald pulled down his window shade, and his wife's incessant bray comes to a sudden halt.There was a loud scream that I had thought was just an accident but L.B. didn't. So Jeffries casually concocts a scenario in which Thorwald has murdered his wife and disposed of the body in gruesome fashion. Trouble is, Jeffries' musings just might happen to be the truth. As days had past Jeffries had gathered more evidence of this crucial incident such as Thorwald having long knifes, having his wife's ring, a big crate strapped up, the death of the dog and the change of the flowers height. But one night L.B had got caught spying up on him so Thorwald went to his apartment and started beating him up and trying to throw him out of the window. Before he could the police came and arrested him and he gave into the murder of his wife.

Feminism today and in the 1950s

In the 1950's there was feminism such as:

-Women being unemployed

-Women having no saying(men we the bosses)

-No right to vote

In today's society there is feminism such as:

-The way women get treated bad

-They feel like they don't have as much opportunities as men

-Men thinking they're better just because of their gender


-They're not as much a like in today's society because women have gain a lot of their rights to be as equal as men are.

-Women in the past and today still feel that their not equal by the opportunities they get and feel that men treat them harsh