God is Beauty

"How Do We, As Christians, Define Beauty?"

How do we, as Christians, define beauty?

Beauty is inside all of us. Beauty is what we believe in and it is how God made us. It is not what social media depicts, it is more than just what is on the outside. Beauty is what is on the inside and what our beliefs and cultures are, it is what makes us unique and different.

What is Human Dignity?

Human dignity is an individual's sense of self-respect and self-worth. All people have human dignity and even Jesus affirms the dignity of every being on this earth. Through having human dignity, Jesus can reach others through me and I can make a difference by having Him work in me.

What about me is beautiful?

Having my own beliefs and being different, unique, and special are what makes me beautiful. God's view of me and how he made me is what makes myself beautiful. God created each and every one of us to be different, social media is not what decides our beauty but it is God who makes us beautiful.

How do I care for my body?

I care for my body just as God cares for it. My body is not what makes me beautiful so I wouldn't want to change it just to fit into social media's standards of beauty. I will care for my body in a healthy way to keep it in its own healthy form and I will not degrade my body nor myself in any way.

How might I grow and change in the future, into the person God wants me to be?

I may not change quickly but in an amount of time, I will work really hard in the future so that I would not have regrets and that God will be happy with the choices I have made. I want to make my family happy and grow into the person they want me to be, but what if God has different plans for me? I will try to succeed in the future and make both my family and God happy and that I will be happy ad content with myself as well