Journeys Y1

Collected Resources for Year 1

Types of Journeys

Choices and Decisions in making journeys.

How journeys have changed over time.

Concepts- Function/Causation

Related Concepts: Choice, Change, Decisions

Favorite Webpages:

Here are some useful sites:

Tumblebooks story:
Subway Ride:

Simple Transportation History:

Future Transportation Video:

Transportation History with pictures:

Transport Timeline:

Gondola - provocation through Wonderopolis:

Fastest Train:

Space Travel:

Treasure Story:

Fantastic Fit of Map Reading from National Geographic:

Map activites for teachers to print:

MTR Map:

MTR Pedia- list of all routes:

Hong Kong Bus Routes:

Hong Kong Transportation Map:

Hong Kong Attractions Map:

Hong Kong Buses/Minibuses:

Wonderopolis: How is a map made:

Videos that could be useful:

History of Transportation

Unfortunately cannot embed the following link but there is quite a wonderful video on the history of transportation here:

NASA SCI Files - History of Transportation

Amusing, student created history of Travel:

The History of Travel

Collected by Debbie Alvarez