Week of December 5th-9th

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~ Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make Literacy Night such a success! Shout out to Tammie for organizing the In & Out truck. Great Job, Laura with the book fair! Thanks to Ashley and the entire Literacy Night Committee for organizing everything, assigning duties and creating a fun atmosphere for families. Shout out to Kelly Taylor and 5th grade for organizing the pictures with Santa and getting those ordered and money collected! And, of course,... A BIG shout out to our very own ELF ON THE SHELF, Mr. Jackson! I think that was definitely the hit of the evening!! The kids LOVED it!!

~ Dr. Chadwell is on campus tomorrow, Tuesday, so please no jeans tomorrow. Jeans and holiday shirts resume from Wednesday until we get out for the break!

~ Don't forget to turn in your stockings to Lilly! Make sure to bring something to add to the stockings before we get out for break. This could be a note, a treat, a "warm fuzzy"...anything you wish!!

~ When we return from break, that Monday is a professional development day. You will have the morning to PLC with your team, plan, and get things ready for the students' return. During the afternoon, we will have a math training and a Reading training from 1:00-3:00. All K-1, Gina, and 3-5 reading teachers will attend reading, and 3-5 math teachers and Kelly Clower will attend math. Carlynn Briley will be giving the reading training, and Misty Fletcher will be presenting the math. For reading, we will use the library. For math, we can use the guidance room (since there aren't that many).

~ I haven't forgotten about this... I will be scheduling our Rigor, Relevance, and Learner Engagement walks for when we come back in January. I will use one of your extended block days to walk around with each team and come back and look at the rubrics. This will be a good learning experience for us all and allow each teacher to participate in the walks.

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Campus News

~ Please get Lilly your Elk of the Month form filled out by Wednesday. We won't do Elks of the Month for December, since it's so short. We will resume at the end of January.

~ The next session of clubs will be this Friday, December 9th, since our holiday parties are the next Friday along with early release.

~ Angie has scheduled a book club meeting for the book Reading in the Wild (the sequel to the Book Whisperer) for this Thursday, December 8th after school. Please mark this on your calendars, if you would like to participate!

~ As our present to you, we would like to offer you the gift of time. Each grade level/department will be given an extra long lunch as your Christmas gift this year. I will email the schedule today. Let me know if there is a problem. I tried to coordinate it with your lunch times. Please leave something for your students to work on while you are gone. Since the weather may not cooperate, we probably won't be going outside.

~ I am off campus on Thursday from 11:00-1:00 for a principal luncheon, and I'm off campus all day Friday at training.

~ The Holiday Open House at administration is next Wednesday. I urge you to stop by during your conference time, if you can. They always have a ton of treats and good entertainment by various school choirs and groups around the district.

~ Next Friday is early release with parties beginning around 10:50. Unless you notify us, we will not allow parents to come down early.

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Be Vocabulous!

Continue to discuss the vocabulary with your students! It's making a big difference!

Here is the copy of the s'more newsletter about the vocabulary program. It has all the words listed for the year, so you can plan ahead! It has each word listed and the grade level responsible. The kids really enjoyed this last year, and I think this was something I had more comments from parents about than anything! They would comment about their students knowing the meanings of words that they didn't even know. The vocabulary parade was a big hit too. Even the older kids got into it and had fun being creative and participating.


Please turn in the "Word Up" Levels sheets when you have students who display the appropriate use of the words. Obviously, the younger they are, the more "adaptation" needs to occur in order to receive the levels, but the students who received the tags last year, LOVED it!! I will put the "Word Up Level" sheet on canvas!

As a reminder, the way the "Word Up Levels" work, goes like this...

All students will start as rookies and all students will have a chance to move up as many levels as they would like. Spirit Tags (that PTA is selling) will be used for levels 2 thru 5 and when a student reaches level 2 thru 5 they will receive a spirit tag for that level from the principal.

Teachers will nominate students to move up through the levels.

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Tuesday, December 6th:

Dr, Chadwell on campus - 9:00-10:00

CARE Team Meeting- 1st grade @ 1:20

Thursday, December 8th:

Kori off campus from 11:00-1:00 for Principal Meeting

Reading in the Wild book study meeting- 3:00 in Angie's room

Friday, December 9th:

Kori off campus at training all day

Angie Lemons off campus at Title 1 Meeting

CLUBS today

Monday, December 12th:

Grades due by 8:00 am

Tuesday, December 13th:

Progress reports go home

Wednesday, December 14th:

Admin Christmas Open House- EMS Board Room (all day)

Friday, December 16th:

Holiday parties

Early release at 11:40

Holiday Break: December 19th- 30th

Monday, January 2nd:

Staff Development:

8:00-11:30- Planning. PLC

11:30-1:00- Lunch on your own

1:00-3:00 ELAR and Math training

Wednesday, January 4th:

Kori off campus at training

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