Shyla Fresquez =)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

airfare cost and schedule

To leave from Denver to Rio de Janerio at 11:27am with only making 2 stops and with 2 adults it costs $2,384.26 the taxes is $222.26



In Rio De Janeiro there are so many beautiful beaches most touriest go to Rio for the best fun time with family and friends.

Rio De Janeiro Carnival

The carnival has in Rio De Janeiro is the largest carnival in the world this carnival is filled with colors, art, customs, music, parades, drinking, people having so much fun and it is so creative! The carnival is just celebrated to have a enjoyable time with your family and friends. It runs from non on a Friday to the following Wednesday. This carnival brings half a million tourists each year!

Problems To Anticipate and Solutions Suggested

A problem there could be is I may not know the language they speak. For example in Rio De Janeiro the speak Portuguese. A solution for that problem is I could practice and learn what the language is in Rio.

Another problem there could be is I may not have any clue on where places are. For example if I were to go to a restaurant I would have no clue where to go or which one to go to. A solution to solve this problem would be have a GPS or a guide.