School Counseling

Monthly update for staff and families ~ December

May your winter be filled with LOVE and KINDNESS!

During the months of December and January students will hear stories and participate in role-play scenarios celebrating the character traits love and kindness.

Kindergarten students will learn how to shake hands while also learning to "shake it off" when someone says, "I'm sorry."

First and Second grade students will hear the story by Dr. Seuss, The Sneetches and discuss how we can show kindness in spite of our differences.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade will all participate in a discussion around teasing vs. bully behaviors after reading the story by Trudy Ludwig, Just Kidding.

Small Group Counseling

The counseling department is pleased to offer the opportunity for your student to participate in small group counseling. These groups are offered with the hope that students can come together to share concerns or issues that they may have in common with each other. The small group format also provides an opportunity for your child to reinforce skills that will support and enhance his/her academic and social development.

Below are the topics for small groups that will be offered for the spring 2016 semester. Small groups will meet on a rotating schedule for 5-8 weeks. Have someone in mind? Please email me!

Cool Cats (Anger Management): This group involves activities that are designed to help students recognize, gauge, and manage anger. During this group, we will also discuss the physical characteristics of anger and how to identify anger in themselves and others.

Stress Less! (stress/anxiety): The goal of this group is to help students who experience a high level of stress or anxiety related to school. During this group, we will work to identify, discuss, and understand the many feelings associated with stress, and explore strategies that may help students minimize stress and anxiety.

Building Resiliency: Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from difficult or challenging situations. This group will focus on having a positive outlook, understanding and communicating feelings, having and maintaining friends, handling stress, problem solving skills, and self-esteem. This group will help students identify their own personal strengths and learn ways to apply those strengths when faced with a difficult situation or conflict.

Banana Splits (divorce, separation, etc.): This group is geared towards students who have had challenges adapting to the changes associated with parents who are going through a divorce/separation or other home transition. These changes have significantly impacted their academic success and social interactions with peers.

Best Buds (Friendship Skills): This group is beneficial to students who have significant challenges making new friends and/or interacting socially with their peers. social interactions with peers. For older grades the focus is on relational aggression and conflict resolution skills.

Marvelous Me (Self-Esteem): This group is designed to meet the needs of students whose confidence level significantly impedes their academic success. Students will learn to identify their own personal strengths and build their own self-esteem and confidence.

Please note: small groups can only accommodate 4-6 students at a time

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