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Where Learning Happens │December 9, 2019

What Happens with Courses at the End of the Semester

Second Semester courses will be opened before winter break. The exact date will be shared before the end of this week. What should you do in the meantime to prepare for second semester? Curate and create your materials in Resources. When your upcoming courses are visible, you’ll be able to copy the material into your courses.

First Semester courses will be archived after January 9, 2020. Just because they are archived, doesn’t mean that you won’t have access to them. You will still be able to find and view them plus access their materials in your “Archived Courses.”

Will students be able to see their past courses? No, students won’t be able to view their past courses. It’s a bit of an all-or-nothing thing. If we make it a practice to have past courses visible, then all past courses will be visible. That means that students will be able to share their past work with future students in your courses. We’ll need to make it a practice of copying necessary notes and materials into the next semester course. It’s just a click and share from the gear to the right of the materials.

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Schoology Assessment Tutorials

Are you using Schoology Assessments during the last weeks of the semester? Visit our 20Learn Educators Group and find video tutorials on every question type! Not a member of the Group, yet? No problem! Use this Access Code to join: 8SW2F-NGRM9. Remember, this is a Group and NOT a Course.

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