Biomes: Taylor Maddux, Lorielle Danie, Logan Barber

Location and distribution

Freshwater biomes cover 20% of the earth and they are in various locations. Freshwater biomes are any body of water that is made up of freshwater such as lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers

Temperature range

The low is 32°F and the high is 72°F


freshwater biomes receive about 10-80 inches of rain each year



Interesting facts

Over 700 different species of fish that lived in freshwater biomes

99% of all freshwater is either in ice form or located in the aquifer

Largest freshwater biome is in Florida Everglades

Subdivided into 3 groups lakes, ponds / streams, rivers/ wetlands

Ditches and puddles are considered fresh water biomes because they help some form of life survive

The Freshwater Biome Tour
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Here is another picture of our freshwater biome