Tunisia Times

A Little Bit About Tunisia

Tunisia is located in the continent of Africa and between Algeria and Libya. There is a population of 11,137,163 people. Tunisia was discovered in about 8000 BC. Important resources are petroleum, phosphates, lead, and salt. An important tradition is dinner is served at a knee high table. The government type is Republic. The life expectancy is 74.6 years. Chief exports can be Crude Petroleum or Insulated Wire.

What's going on in Tunisia.......

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Egypt's Crops

Egypt's crops are growing rapidly! Egypt is having 3 times as many crops as normal. Because of that, we are going to be getting more food from Egypt at a cheaper price!
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The Aswan Dam

More and more people are arguing about the Aswan Dam. There are lots of positives to it, but also lots of negatives. Some positives are it gives control over the Nile's floodwaters, and it can store water there for months. Some negatives are blocks the flow of silt, and makes the land less fertile.
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The Berber Artifacts

More artifacts have been found in North Africa. They believe that these artifacts were from the Berber's.
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Tunisia's Civil War

Tunisia's people are split down the middle with the difference of what type of government they want to have. Half of them want a new government and the rest want to just stay the way they are. More on this story tomorrow.
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Pizza Ingredient Embargo

An embargo on trading pizza ingredients with Afghanistan has just been placed. Afghanistan will no longer be able to eat pizza. Although, we will have all of the pizza we want!