Future News Bulletin

!0 year high school reunion


Myself at a 10 year high school reunion. I see myself being an athlete or a Doctor/Dentist. Doing my best. Taking care of my mom and dad. Working hard.


Graduated or still at college for a master degree on Doctoral or dentistry. I'll probably be very dedicated to my work. Studying every single day; and managing my time. For example; entertainment/studying/and practice.


I'll probably be training every week to reach my track and field goals. It'll be really challenging but i'll try my best to get my time in above average sprinter/hurdler. This will be a big accomplishment because it takes days and years of practice to reach a certain goal. what's challenging about it is that other people are trying to reach the same goal.

What i do for fun

i'll usually be going to the movies, mostly during the weekend. At 2010 movies started to get interesting and better; so i'm looking forward to it. i'll be going to vacations, and to amusement parks.