Sloan Creek Intermediate School

The Leopard- September 10th

Are you ready to TACKLE the CHALLENGE?

3 Focuses for High Reliability
Week Three Highlights !

Culture Quote Connection:

"By Design, Not By Chance. We must be intentional to ensure that our students have the school experience they deserve"

I CAN....... be intentional about creating aligned learning targets written in kid friendly language to focus students on what they should be able to know and do by the end of the today.

I CAN.......that use this valuable information to adjust what I am doing in the moment and in planning for tomorrow's lesson.

I CAN....... have students define mastery.

I CAN........ have students individually reflect how close to mastery they are today.

My TEAM CAN...... plan ways to have students show on what they know and what they do not know.

My TEAM CAN...... plan ways for each child to create their own meaning from the lesson or activity.

It is By Design, Not By Chance that students achieve at high levels. It is tightly aligned to planning high quality learning targets, formative assessments that adjust instruction, and rigorous activities that push thinking forward.

Dr. Robyn Jackson shared with us 4 easy steps to creating a rigorous lesson. I would invite you to watch a little of the video below as a refresher.

It reminded me how simple she makes rigorous planning.

Nuts and Bolts

Start up Checklist (turn in today)

Let’s shoot for the start up checklist to be completed and turned into your admin support person by Friday, September 11th. If you are unable, just say so and we are here to help. (Ray/Laura)

Notes from our professional learning meeting:

  1. Positive Notes to student in you assigned alpha-

    1. Originally due this Friday, September 25th

    2. In an effort to reduce stress and make notes more authentic, let’s extend the end date to Friday, September 25th

  2. No progress reports this week

  3. Foundation Goals-

    1. 50/50 Split

    2. 100% participation at $10.00 level-Pizza party on Ray!

    3. 100% participation at $20.00 level- I will teach a day of class for each staff member!

    4. 100% of $$ from 50/50 goes to teacher laptops

  4. PTA membership

    1. 100% membership goal by October 15th

    2. Turn in to Shelly Q!

  5. Bell Release

    1. All students have 10 min before busses leave

    2. Please do not release students early

  6. Hallways

    1. Thank you for stepping into the hallways during all passing periods

  7. Friday Night School

    1. Why do we have friday night school?

    2. Tentative Start date- Friday, Sept 25th

  8. I Station


    2. Windows for BOY testing

    3. Must be completed by all ELAR staff by Sept. 30th.

  9. Typing Agent

    1. Plan from ILT meeting

      1. Reading, Math Science

      2. Reading, Math, Social Studies

  10. Teacher Feature Forms

    1. Link

  11. Hearing, Vision, Spinal Screenings TBA

Review: from Lara’ Email on 8.25.15

As discussed in staff meeting, I have put together a list of letters below for each content area. Some letters have very few students and some will have more. I have tried to divide the letters fairly.

  • The expectation: Is that you will all contact students in all of your classes whose last names begin with these letters with a positive personal communication (either email, handwritten postcard, or by phone) before Friday 9/11.
  • The purpose: to ensure that every single student in the school receives positive communication home in the first three weeks of school.
  • This looks like: specific insight about something you have noticed about a students work, knowledge, or leadership in class.
  • It does not look like: a generic form email.

Please document the communication and send to Lara in an email (if it’s a Google doc, you can email me the link, rather than just sharing...I may not see it otherwise. See attached communication log. Thanks for letting our parents know how amazing their kids are!!

ELAR-A, G, O, S, U, W

Math-B, H, N, T, V, K

Social Studies-C, M, E

Science-R, J, P

Electives STEM/ ART,-L, Y, Q

Music, Band, Choir, Orchestra-D, I

PE-F, X, Z

Review: Family Pictures in the Lounge: (We are still missing 9!)

Please bring a picture or pictures of your beautiful family to put up on our bulletin board. This helps us know each other and our families better! Next 9 weeks we will be posting baby pictures with a form to guess who each baby picture is. Start digging for those pics now!

Week At A Glance


Don't forget 5th Grade Curriculum night- September 15th, 6:00-7:00.

  • 100% of all 5th grade core teachers should attend.
  • Send your slides to Ms. Person
  • 15 min per grade level total'


Vertical planning 3:15-4:00 (Focus: Planning Tutoring and Pre-Planning Interventions)

  • Vertical Alignment Team (VAT) meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.
This is our time to come together and vertically align instruction, curriculum, assessments,and anything else that needs alignment.

  • "How Will We Respond If They Don't Learn It?".
This month our VAT will work in teams to improve intervention and enrichment and pick their Tuesday/Thursday tutoring partners.

  • 80/20
Please bring with you a list of some of your high leverage tricks and skills that you have found impactful for enrichment and tutoring. Together we will work to identify one high leverage skill taught during this 9 weeks, find the most common mistakes that students make in learning the skill, and prescribed possible (pre)interventions to eliminate the mistakes. The purpose of this activity is to proactively address 80% of the "usual" reasons that kids do not master the skill, so that we have time in planning to respond to the unexpected reasons that kids fail to learn the skill (the other 20%) after the instruction was delivered based on our formative assessment.


Reflect and Learn Meetings with Allyson

- Looking at our data and our kids

-What impact does this have on your planning?

-Please plan on sharing an "I notice" and "I wonder" with your team about your kids.


SCHOOL PHOTO FRIDAY- Lara will be sending out a schedule.

Reflect and Learn Meetings with Allyson

- Looking at our data and our kids

-What impact does this have on your planning?

-Please plan on sharing an "I notice" and "I wonder" with your team about your kids.

5th Grade Curriculum Night and 5th Grade Camp Meeting

Tuesday, Sep. 15th, 5:30-7pm

440 Country Club Road

Fairview, TX

If you teach a 5th Grade Core Class, please plan on attending this event

6th Grade Curriculum Night

Tuesday, Sep. 22nd, 6-7pm

440 Country Club Road

Fairview, TX

If you teach a 6th grade core content, please plan on attending this event.
Fall Book Club

Meet with your team, create your own thinking, share with the staff here by October 14th

Lesson Planning

Share your team created lesson plans here.

SCIS Academic Calendar

Click here to check to see when summative assessments are being planned. Please only 1 summative assessment per grade level per day. All summative assessments should be on this calendar and your personal google calendar on your website please