Crop Circles

Shrouded In Mystery

Are they a fools prank or is it some higher force?

A Very Extremley Brief History of Crop Circles

It started when Doug Bower and Dave Chorley heard of saucer nests and made the first crop circles based off of it (Radford, 2013). They used simple tools and made a circle in a field (Krystek, 2010). Science then the trend in Britan grew. After that almost 700 crop circles appeared in Britan in 1990 (Krystek, 2010)! It grew to a huge trend with many crop circle makers for hire evantually.

So What Recent Frauds Have Been Revealed?

1960- Doug Bower and Dave Chorley make the first crop circle aroud this time. (Radford, 2013)

1990- Over 700 crop circles recorded in this year (Krystek, 2010)

Jan 7, 2014-
Advertisement is mistaken for a calendar saying a comet will apear later in the year. Many of the "experts" were fooled (Radford, 2014)

What Strange and Weird Theories are Floating Around the House?

Theory 1- All of them are frauds or pranks from the start to the very last one. Most plausible theory.

Theory 2- Aliens make them! Ahhhhh! Not very plausible.

Theory 3- A spinning plasma vortex makes them. This effect is like ball lightning. This theory, however plausible, doesn't cover the complex circles. (Krystek, 2010)

Theory 4- A global physic power is trying to communicate with us and is using circles in grain fields to do it. Practically impossible. (Radford, 2013)

The Probable Truth

I believe that its just all human pranksters trying to fool the entire human population into beliving its aliens for fun. If a physic power were trying to communicate it would probably use words. If a plasma vortex made some complex circles it would have to be a freaking awesome coincidence for that to happen. And seriously? Aliens? I'd think they would have a more efficent way of communicating? Overall just process of elimination would prove all but 1 theory right. Its sad but its true.

I Really Wanted to Add These Pics

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