Social Contract

By Eric Metzger, Jimmy Neumeyer, and Devon Unwin

What is a Social Contract?

A social contract is an agreement among the people of a community or organized

society that says that the society will be ran by its general will. Also it states a members

role in a group or society. A social contract is the foundation of the modern American

political system, and the United States government got many of its ideas from the

philosophy of social contracts. They are meant to benefit the community, group, or

society in which it was created for.

Original ideas on social contracts came from Jean-Jaques Rousseau but were later

emphasized buy other philosophes during the Scientific Enlightenment including John

Locke. We see social contracts today mainly in clubs, groups, and school organizations.

We also see them among an entire city or region.

One example would be a volunteer organization picking up trash, which would

make citizens lives more enjoyable. Another example would be the government

making people pay taxes to help pay for services that help to assist people. That is all

about what a social contract is, the history of them, and some examples of social