My Dogs

Piper and Summer

The Story Of Piper

My dog Grayson had just recently passed, it was only a month later when we wanted another dog. We were up at the lake and my dad's friend Ryan saw an advertisement for a dog. He went to visit the house to visit the dog. He told my family about her. Her name was Jigs. We went to visit her and I knew that she was the dog. She was the cutest puppy in the world. We talked it over and soon enough she was coming home with us. We changed her name to Piper, it fits her well. She officially became apart of the Vehrs Family.

The Story Of Summer

It was like two years later and we wanted Piper to have a play mate. We started looking and it was getting pretty close to my birthday. We came across a dog named Sara. She was really cute and small. We went to go see her a day before my birthday. She was in the front yard. She was a small puppy, she was very skinny. We also brought Piper with us they were so curious about each other Sara was excited but yet very calm. Me and my brother begged our parents to let us take her home with us. They said yes. Me and my brother were so happy. Since it was summer time and we just got off of school three days ago, we decided to name her Summer.

Help An Animal

Help make an animals life better by adopting one. Everyone needs a home, including animals. Adopt an animal at your local shelter or browse on Petfinder. There are plenty of animals in the world and most of them don't have a home.

Me, My dogs and my Family

Me and my family are so blessed to have beautiful border collies. We love to go on nature hikes and we love to go to the lake. My dogs have brought our family closer together. It is so funny to watch Piper and Summer go at it. I am so blessed