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Mission Statement

Northwood Elementary School will provide higher-level learning opportunities for all students to maximize their potential in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and diverse environment.


Students will be taking the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress (MSTEP) this spring. The M-STEP will include summative assessments designed to measure student growth effectively for today’s students. English language arts and mathematics will be assessed in grades 3–8, science in grades 4 and 7, and social studies in grades 5 and 8. It also includes the Michigan Merit Examination in 11th grade, which consists of a college entrance exam, work skills assessment, and M-STEP summative assessments in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies.

3rd graders test window is April 25 - May 13

4th graders test window is May 9 - May 26

5th graders test window is April 11 - April 29

Whenever possible, please avoid scheduling appointments during the school day within your child's testing window.


Last week, MDE made available two new training videos explaining how to navigate the ELA and mathematics computer adaptive tests (CAT) on the M-STEP website. If you haven’t had a chance to view these videos, here are the direct links to the videos:

Navigating the 2016 Mathematics CAT

Navigating the ELA M-STEP Computer Adaptive Test