Costa Rica

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Landforms and Climate

A lot of drop offs because it is next o the sea, the sea is ponding in to the land which has wore it out. Tropical and very nice out.

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Cost Rica used to do subsistence farming. A majority proportion of the people don't work the soil. People wrap meat in banana leaves.


Costa Rican people are called Ticos. Are descendants of both indigenous people and Spanish colonizers. Before the spanish arrived costa rica had about 400,000 people.

Most asked questions.

Do i need a international drivers license to drive in costa rica?

You are allowed to drive with your normal drivers license.

Can i use my phone in costa rica?

Yes you can but it has to be unlocked and you have to buy a prepaid SIMS card.

Letter Grade for Costa Rica!

I would give Costa Rica a C because they have cultures but they don't have a lot kind of like the US. They do some things different like they wrap meats in banana leaves, they can walk outside and get a banana or leaves.