T.O.T.E Sisters

October 2015 Newsletter


Wow, what a month September was for our team!! We had a record month for team PV as well as new recruits. Congratulations to everyone for working your business and sharing the Thirty-One opportunity. The new enrollment incentive is amazing and you never know what doors it might open for your family, friends, and party guests.

With that being said, I'd like to welcome our 6 new team members:
  • Vicki Bignell - sponsored by Julie Johnson
  • Candace Bodin - sponsored by Julie Johnson
  • Deziree Klema - sponsored by Julie Wallin
  • Tiffany Poirier - sponsored by Courtney Bellefeuille
  • Jessica Wieczorek - sponsored by Sandra Anderson
  • Amy Wright - sponsored by Julie Johnson
As mentioned in your welcome email from me, I would love to have a 1/2 hour call to answer all your questions and help get your new business started. If this is something you're interested in, please let me know! Also, if you have not joined already, please join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TOTESisters/

A couple of additional announcements in case you didn't see:
  • If you ordered these from business supplies when they first came out, the coloration on some of the prints appeared darker than reality. If you have some of these "first batch" fliers, you can process an exchange in your back office. If you have questions on how do this, please let me know, or contact Home Office (HO) and they are wonderful at helping you walk through the process.
  • If you haven't ordered, you can always print by searching TOT for "holiday gift guide"

  • All direct ship party and retail orders starting Oct. 1st thru Dec. 10th will automatically receive holiday gift packaging. This includes a holiday themed insert, Fall/Winter catalog, and a marketing card. There is NOT an additional charge for this service.

  • The 3 piece Entertainment Bundle for our November hostesses will cost $35 with any party $200+. There is not a "free" option when a party reaches $600. Please note this is an incredible value at $35 and if you share the excitement of this bundle, our hostesses will be equally excited!
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September Recognition

  • I am so excited to announce that Alyssa DeMers has promoted to Senior Consultant!!! She has been working her business like crazy and this is so well deserved. Alyssa - Be on the look out for a special Happy Mail from me in the next couple of weeks :-)

PEQA (Personally Enrolled, Qualified and Active)*

  • Katrina Studeman - you PEQA'd in less than a month. Congratulations!!!!
*You have officially PEQA'd when you hit $1000 in PV and are currently active

  • Katrina Studeman- Level 1 (and well on your way to earning Level 2!!)


  • Michelle Stine $1534
  • Katrina Studeman $809
  • Julie Wallin $784
  • Tiffany Poirer $624
  • Sandra Anderson $581


  • Sandra Anderson - 1
  • Courtney Bellefeuille - 1
  • Julie Wallin - 1


  • Michelle Stine - 4
  • Katrina Studeman - 2
  • Julie Wallin, Sandra Anderson, Tiffany Poirier, Amy Wright, Ashley Ames, Alyssa DeMers, Vicki Bignell, Ashley Holt - 1


  • Total PV $10,412
  • Total Parties 19 parties


  • PV $4,336
  • New Recruits 3
  • Parties 5
  • Commission $1,396.36
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  • Every Tuesday at 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm CST - New Consultant Webinars
  • Oct 1 - 15 - Around Town Tote incentive earning period (valued at $78 for FREE!!)
  • Oct 1- 31 - Monthly Specials
  • Oct. 1 - Jan 31 - Holiday prints, products, and personalization available
  • Oct 1 - March 31 - 2016 Leadership Incentive Trip earning period
  • Oct 3 - 10 - "Share Your Gift" event
  • Oct 13 - At-Risk Consultant email
  • Oct 20 - Monthly Customer Email
  • Oct 23 - Registration opens for Spring/Summer Premiere
  • Oct 26 - "Home Party" training with Dawn Vandeman (located in Blaine)


  • Nov 1 - 24 - Monthly specials
  • Nov 3 - Monthly Customer Email
  • Nov 12 - At-Risk Consultant Email
  • Nov 17 - Monthly Customer Email
  • Nov 25 - Monthly Customer Email
  • Nov 25 - December Special begins
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  • Ashley Ames - 10/17

  • None this month
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I'm am so excited the spring/summer product premiere is right around the corner. These events are held simultaneously around the country at different movie theaters. Typically there are 3 options in MN, and I'll have to check out the WI options for Vicki. In the past, a ticket has cost $20, which includes the premiere/movie, new catalog, seasonal road map, and a fabulous amenity!!! We have also been allowed to bring a guest for $20, and he/she would also receive the previously mentioned. This is a great way to share the Thirty-One opportunity with potential recruits. I have not heard if the format or cost will change, but it is a great event to learn about the new products and connect with other consultants. I will plan to attend in Maple Grove and would love to get together with you ladies before or after the event if anyone is interested. Please let me know and I can start planning the logistics!

October Specials

Thirty-One Gifts Customer Special – October 2015
Thirty-One Gifts Hostess Special – October 2015