Glendale Elementary October News


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  • Sept 30- Hat Day
  • Oct 1- Pajama Day
  • Oct 1- Kindergarten Field Trip to Gibbs Farm 9:30AM-12:45PM
  • Oct 2- Wacky Wednesday
  • Oct 2- PLHS Royalty Visit 9:50AM
  • Oct 2- 1st Grade Field Trip to MN Harvest Apple Orchard 9:45AM-2:00PM
  • Oct 3- Sports Day
  • Oct 3- Evacuation Drill 9:35AM *Please send your child(ren) in tennis shoes
  • Oct 4- HOMECOMING!!
  • Oct 4- Blue & Gold/Laker Day
  • Oct 7 - Davanni's Night hosted by 5th Grade 4:00-8:00pm
  • Oct 8 - PTC Meeting 6:30pm
  • Oct 10- Kindergarten Fire Truck Visit 10:30AM
  • Oct 11 - PTC Fun Run Day!
  • Oct 16 - Oct 18 NO SCHOOL- MEA BREAK
  • Oct 21- NO SCHOOL- Staff In-service Day
  • Oct 22- Glenmart Meeting 8:15-9:00AM
  • Oct 22- DOGS Meeting @ Tin Shed 7:00PM
  • Oct 23 - Unity Day- - WEAR ORANGE
  • Oct 24- Glenmart Meeting 8:15-9:00AM
  • Oct 24 - 5th Grade ELC Parent Information Meeting @ Glendale 6:00PM
  • Oct 25 - Picture Retake Day
  • Oct 25 - Glenmart Grand Opening- Shopping for 2nd & 3rd grade
  • Oct 30 - C.A.R.E.S Celebration w/ Mrs. Molitor
  • Nov 1 - Glenmart Grand Opening- Shopping for 4th & 5th grade



TUESDAY OCT 1st- Pajama Day

WEDNESDAY OCT 2nd- Wacky Wednesday (i.e. silly socks & mis-matched clothes)

THURSDAY OCT 3rd- Sports Day (wear your favorite sports team colors/shirt/jersey)

FRIDAY OCT 4th- Laker Day (Wear Blue & Gold/LAKER gear)

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Glendale Families,

Throughout the school year, Glendale along with all PLSAS elementary schools will celebrate student learning, the seasons, ESTEM, and special school events. While we will not hold one hour classroom parties for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day, we will provide a variety of celebrations and special events, with some that will include volunteer opportunities for parents.

This week we will have Spirit Week (Homecoming) with a special dress up opportunity each day of the week. We will hold ESTEM days November 7, January 23, and April 2. The Food Service staff hosts a winter theme each year that will be announced in December. We will have Kindness Week Feb. 10-14. Other events and dress up days (such as hat or PJ day) will be communicated by your child's teacher or through the school office. Additionally, teachers will hold special celebrations of learning, depending on the grade level. We will honor and respect family traditions and holidays and invite students to share their traditions during morning meetings, conversations, and share & tell activities.

We look forward to a year of learning and a year of celebrating students!


Jennifer Molitor


Every month, Mrs. Molitor will be reading a new book for our students to enjoy and learn from. For the month of October, Mrs. Molitor is reading "All My Stripes" by Shaina Rudolph.

Zane the zebra feels different from the rest of his classmates. He worries that all they notice about him is his "autism stripe." With the help of his Mama, Zane comes to appreciate all of his stripes - the unique strengths that make him who he is!

Teachers have been asked to take some time this month to share this story with their learners.

All My Stripes



In music class, all classes have been working on learning our song for the year, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”, along with the Lakers fight song that we learned from the PLHS choir at the first all school meeting. Many classes are playing steady beat games and moving to a steady beat (a good skill for being able to dance, sing and play instruments). Kindergarten has been learning about their 4 voices—speaking, singing, shouting, and whispering. They especially love the game Good King Leopold! First grade has been exploring our classroom instruments and playing them with a steady beat. Second grade has been learning about crescendo and decrescendo by playing a game called Closet Key. It’s similar to the game “hot and cold”. Third grade has been learning about dynamics through singing “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”. They especially love singing in their fortissimo voices at the end! Fourth grade has been learning about note names so that they can be ready to read music for recorder playing. Fifth grade is working on staccato and legato through a folk song game called “Floating Down the River”. Even fifth graders love to move and jump!


What a great start to Media! Students have been busy going over how to find books in the library that are just right for them and that they are excited to read. We have lots of avid readers! We have also been going over our Acceptable Use Policy for technology and learning about internet safety and how to properly care for the iPads and Chromebooks they will be using in Media and in their classroom. Kindergarteners were so excited to check out their first library book and learned how to take extra special care of their books so they stay safe! Looking forward to our next month in Media with your awesome kids!


I see each class once every 5 school days & hopes to explore many art media: drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, & clay!

We learn about the art elements like line, shapes, & color, etc., abstract vs. realistic, & many artists like Mondrian, Calder, Matisse, Warhol, & O’Keefe.

We collaborate with classroom teachers during math, social studies, & science units with radial design, tessellations, & environmental education.

Every day, we try to express ideas, reflect & connect to others in art.

In September, students got reacquainted with our painting pal, Pete!

The paintbrush helped us create designs for a 3rd-4th-5th collaborative piece, & helped K-1st-2nd create new colors after watching “SkyColor” by Peter Reynolds.

We’ll be talking collage next!

Please get in touch if you have questions!

~Mrs. Gus


Physical Education class is off to a great start! Grades 3,4 and 5 were able to play Pirate Ball. This is an activity that works on teamwork, strategy and spatial awareness in a large group setting. We have also provided our students the opportunity to participate in Shuffleboard. This week has been a great week for our “Glendale Golf Course”. Students 3-5 have had the opportunity to use the driving range and play our 9 hole golf course. Students in K-2 have also been working on spatial awareness in a large group setting. They have all mastered the art of putting on their own flag belts for “color tag”. They have been working on their tossing and catching skills with the foxtails. And this week they are joining us on the “golf course”, by playing soccer golf! Please remember to continue to send gym shoes and dress for the weather…we will be outside!

Have a great Fall,

The GD PE Department


The City of Savage is partnering with District ISD 719 and will be installing flashing crossing lights in the crosswalk on Connelly Parkway. You will start to see construction over the next (2) weeks. They're hoping to have this completed by mid-October. Thank you for your patience & cooperation through this process.

Nurse Notes

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SPAN is the Synergy/SAGE Parent Action Network. We are also known as the Prior Lake-Savage Chapter of the MN Council for the Gifted and Talented (MCGT). Our first meeting will take place on Tuesday October 8 at 7pm in the WestWood Elementary Media Center (5370 WestWood Dr. SE; Prior Lake, MN 55372), featuring former MCGT president and gifted consultant Carol Malueg to facilitate an MCGT-sponsored CHAT (Connect, Help, Advocate, Talk) session on advocacy for gifted kids in schools and beyond. All are welcome.

We continue to need SPAN Board members...particularly parents of Synergy/SAGE students of elementary school order to continue support and advocacy of high-ability kids in our district. Questions or need more information? Contact

October Community Education

Check out the fun classes offered this month!


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At Glendale Elementary, students and adults practice the C.A.R.E.S. skills to create a respectful and safe learning community. Students are providing many learning opportunities to become successful, independent 21st century citizens. Science and environmental education is an important emphasis as well. Glendale's parent support is outstanding including an active PTC, volunteers and the DOGS group.