Spanish 2 U3 Semana 5 Día 3

Mi apartamento

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Alyssa, Makayla, and Alexandra for taking advantage of Mi Vida Loca extra credit! This is a great way to learn the language and culture AND boost your grade.

Noticias: Have you used the Peer Tutoring Center?

If you need help, there is help available. Please get a Peer Tutor if you are struggling. Here is the link.

Lección: In this unit we learn the imperfect for of the verb SER. Imperfect is another type of past tense.

When you describe what your classes were like, and what your professors were like, you will be using what we call the imperfect form of SER. Era, eres, era, eramos, eráis, eran.
Here´s some help with that Click the link below.

Sra. Kilburn

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Fans of Sevilla by Jose Ramon CC