The five people you meet in heaven

Character analysis and Eddies journey to heaven.

The Five People you Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom is a great book that shows the value of life and the lessons that life offers you. Also, it follows the life and death of the maintenance guy Eddie. The five people you meet in heaven are the people that were in your life for a reason.

Eddie just turned 83 years old man who dedicated almost his whole life working at an amusement park called Ruby Pier. The beginning of this story it doesn't really tell much about Eddie except for his age and that he works at ruby pier. Throughout the story we do get to know more about Eddie during his journey to heaven.

In the beginning of the story we can tell that Eddie is very depressed and full of regrets during his time living. one of his regrets also one of Eddies many conflicts was when he was a child he had a plan to go to school and become an engineer, not to work at ruby pier as a maintenance worker. He couldn't become an engineer because he had to got to war. Another conflict right before Eddie goes to heaven Eddie tries to save this little girl right before Eddie lost his life that was on the ride that was in danger and Eddie doesn't know if the little girl is alive or not.

When we go along with Eddie during his journey to heaven we learn how he affected the five people in heaven. Also, when Eddie goes to heaven he meets the five people who teaches him all lessons, some that Eddie had known and some that were in his life but never really knew them. This is which led to one of his worst regrets was Marguerite, she was the love of Eddies life he met her at ruby pier when he was younger. Marguerite always was there for Eddie and never stopped loving him but she couldn't wait for him when he went to war that was one of the reasons for Eddies depression.

Another example of Eddies conflict is the fifth person Eddie meets in heaven which was Tala, she was when Eddie set the war camp on fire he was sure that there was a innocent girl there crawling in the fire. for the rest of his life Eddie had nightmares and that haunted him. In his heart he knew that he had killed an innocent child.

One last person that Eddie meets in heaven that caught my eye was the blue man the Blue man he was in Eddies life in the past when he was a little boy and Eddie was playing baseball and he didn't see a car, which the blue man was in and the blue man swerved and the blue mans headlights shattered and his car rolled and collided and the steering wheel smacked the blue man on the head the blue man died because of Eddie,which shows that the blue man was in his life for a reason so that in heaven he would be able to teach Eddie a lesson. This book shows to don't take your life for granted and make good choices no matter what the consequences are.

I would recommend this book to twelve years and older because anyone younger i don't really think would understand the real meaning of this great novel.

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