Maegan Norton


Introduction of Maegan

So I am named Maegan Norton. I am 10 years old. I played soccer 2 years ago but I’ve been wanting to do gymnastics really bad but it hasn’t worked out because we have been busy. I like talking with friends and playing on electronics.

My memories are very fragile and antique like very thin glass. Here is an example: I remember when I fostered a dog. I was 9 years old. The dog was a boy and he was named Socks. His breed was a beagle. He was really cute and black, white and brown. We found him on the street roaming around. We thought he needed a good home so we gave him a good home. We fostered Socks for a couple months then he found a better home in Colorado. When he went off in a car to Colorado Me, my mom, my sister and my brother all cried because we had made a bond with Socks. It was very emotional that day. Did you like my heartwarming memory? Well thank you if you said yes!

My favorite color is turquoise, pink, and purple. My favorite place to eat is longhorn steakhouse. {I like steak} I like to chat with friends in my spare time, but sometimes it just doesn't work out so I play on electronics.

That's all about me!

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