The Raft

Kyle Tilley

Chapters 1-4

Robie is in Honolulu, Hawaii visting her aunt Aj and she is getting her most pierced. Robie lives in midway island with her parents who are scientists, but she visits her aunt frequently. AJ and Robie a spectacular relationship and they're close. Unexpectedly. AJ gets called to work in la and agrees to let Robie stay at her apartment alone. At first Robie is excited to be there alone for a week, but when she gets confronted by the strange man that calls her lucy and grabs her by the hair she doesn't want to stay in Honolulu alone anymore. She decides to take the next flight back to Midway island and her parents. The plane flies throughout storms and the ride is turbulent.

Connection Chapter 1

I know what its like to be on a beach because I use to go to the beach when i lived in Florida. I have seen some also get there nosed pierced because i watch my sister her getting it done.

Connection Chapter 2

I can connect to the book by robie going to Starbucks in the morning also I have another connection by getting scared and running away from something.

Connections Chapter 3

I can connect to chapter 3 by being home alone and being scared while I am home.

Connections Chapter 4

I can relate to the book by someone waking me up at night by calling. Also I can connect to the story by watching the series of the show lost.

Chapters 5-12

In the begging of the chapters Robie is starting to get scared because of all the plane turbulence. In the next chapter Robie is crying she is thinking the worst is going to happen and that the plane might go down. Max is coming to where Robie is why then he tells her that the plane is going down she can't believe what she just heard we can't be going down she freezes the next thing she knows she is throw out of the plane by max her life vest is ripped off she hits the water she going down and down and down she trying to kick she can't she needs air. She sees nothing but red and then black she wakes up to someone pulling on her hair she thinks she is getting attached again but its max and she is in the raft.

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Chapters 13-20

They just got steady in the raft max was crying and yelling for Larry the night had came quickly for them and they had falling asleep. Robie wakes up and is wet she doesn't want to die from being cold she needs the sun to dry her she want water and food the day pasted in she woke up and her hands were wet the raft was leaking. Robie is wanting just one person to talk to to have and at least have someone the raft is leaking and she is having to keep bailing.

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Chapters 21-30

In the begging of the chapters Robie found the manifest and sees that her name is not on it she is saying no to her self she saying they could not of made that mistake they just could not. She finds a Survival at sea packet and is telling her what and what not to do she is not agreeing to some of this stuff the packet says. She is going threw Maxs ditty bag she finds a king size skittles bag she wants to eat it why did max not tell her about it? She takes the skittles and count each type of color and see how many there are she is gonna make it fare at least in her mind. The water keeps filling up and she gonna have to get rid of max or the raft is going to sink she puts a life jacket on him and ties a rope to the raft and him and pushes him out.

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