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A Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Congratulations to our first communicants and to our 8th grade graduates! The weather has been gloomy but there is much joy in our community! Next week we look forward to a fun-filled Spirit Day.

Beginning Thursday, May 27th, the office will be going to summer hours. The office hours will be 9:00-1:00 Monday - Thursday. The school office will not be open on Fridays. We may close a few other days throughout the summer but we will let you know well in advance. Additionally I wanted to let you know that we will begin the transition of relaxing some of our COVID procedures when school is officially over. For example, the office staff is vaccinated so we will no longer be masked. If you visit the office and would like us to wear a mask please call ahead of time and let us know and we will be happy to wear one while you are visiting.

While I don't fully know what COVID safety procedures will change during the next academic year, there are some things that I am certain of right now. We will not be taking temperatures during drop-off. We have found that it really wasn't effective in helping with early detection of positive cases. We will also not be doing the heavy duty cleaning that we did this year. We will still clean more than usual, but not to the extreme as we have been doing. Research has indicated that COVID isn't transmitted via surfaces as much as they had orginally thought.

I am going to wait and see how things play out before determining the overall plan, but I anticipate that we will continue to do more and more things face-to-face and most of our traditional activities and events can resume. I am also hopeful that we can fully welcome parents back to campus and that we will be able to loosen the mask restriction. I will of course communicate any changes we make as soon as I can over the summer.

We will still offer distance learning next year. However, we do plan to make some changes to the requirments to make it more manageable for our teachers. I will be communicating those changes as soon as I can as well.

Thank you for your cooperation this past year in following our safety procedures. With your help we were able to remain open throughout our entire school year (aside from a few snow days). As a result, our students are where they would normally be academically, which is an amazing feat!

Have a wonderful week!

All Things in Christ,

Heidi McCoy

Weekly COVID-19 Update

If your child is directly impacted by a COVID-19 exposure at school, you will receive immediate notification and instructions.

As of 5/21/2021:

·There have been 38 confirmed and probable positive cases since the start of the 2020-2021 school year.

·There have been 0 confirmed and probable positive cases reported since the previous advisory.

(A confirmed positive case is defined by meeting confirmatory laboratory evidence for COVID-19. A probable positive case is defined by meeting clinical criteria AND epidemiologic evidence with no confirmatory laboratory testing performed for COVID-19.)

St. Pius X School is bound by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and cannot release any further details that could be used to identify individuals. We are committed to providing all necessary updates and notifications to keep community members safe and will continue to provide information to the level allowed by law.

* If you wish to transition your student to distance learning, please contact your student's teacher and the school office.

What's for lunch?!

Click here for printer friendly lunch menu!

The 411


Monday, May 24 - SUPER KIDS DAY and Spirit Dress! Home & School will provide pizza for lunch, cafeteria will be closed.

Tuesday, May 25 -

Wednesday, May 26 - Last Day of School, early dismissal at 1pm (NO AFTERCARE)!

**Summer Camp spots still available!! Scroll down to sign up!**


Important Dates

  • 8/9 - B2S Swim Party, 4-6pm
  • 8/10 - New Family Welcome Event, 5:30-7pm
  • 8/11, Teacher Meet & Greet, 4-6pm
  • 8/12 - First day of school, early dismissal at 1pm (no aftercare)

!! Super Kids Day Information !!

Here are some of the items kids will need to bring to school on Super Kids Day:

  • Spirit Dress
  • Change of clothes including shoes and socks (Students may not get wet if they don't bring change of clothes).
  • Plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Towel
  • Water Bottle- students MUST bring a water bottle. We will be outside most of the day. There will be filling stations.
  • Money for snack/drinks or bring snacks from home. Snacks will be sold during their lunch time only. Snack will cost $0.50 and Gatorade $1.
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Other Announcements

FREE Speech-Language-Hearing Screenings

TU is offering free Speech-Language-Hearing Screenings for kids on May 21 and June 4. Please click HERE for more information.

Help Needed in the SPX Church Nursery

The St. Pius X Church is thrilled to announce that the nursery during Masses will be starting up soon and we need YOU!

We are looking for:

1) Adult Volunteers (about one Mass a month)

2) High School Students can assist an adult volunteer with pay

3) Middle School Students can assist an adult volunteer and count as SERVICE HOURS

*Please contact Allie Stout if you will join our ministry at (918) 497-9315 or

Note from the Nurse

With re-enrollment open, please make arrangements for obtaining immunizations that will need to be submitted prior to the start of the next school year. A student may not start school without a compliant immunization record provided to the school office.

*Reminder: All students entering Kindergarten need to submit a record of kindergarten immunizations (5th DTaP, 4th IPV, and 2nd MMR). All students entering 7th grade need to submit a record of Tdap immunization.

2021 Volleyball Sign Ups Are Open - Girls & Boys

6-8th - fill out DMSAA forms, Click here to sign up

5th - register below via google form

1st Day School Supplies!

School supply kits are NOW available for next school year! Click the link to place your order: $3 from each kit supports our teacher wish lists.

Deadline to order is July 1st.

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2021 SPX Summer Camps!

Other Camp Options

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Teacher of the Week ~ Mrs. Tara Mitchell!

With COVID restrictions we have not been able to have visitors this year. However, we'd like to give you a way to meet all of our amazing staff members that made this unpredictable year and huge success!

Introducing….Mrs. Tara Mitchell!

Tara is wrapping up her 7th year at St. Pius X and we couldn't feel luckier to have her in our school family! Her 3 girls are Defenders as well ~ Mia (7th), Micah (6th), and MacLynn (PreK 4). Mrs. Mitchell's patience, positive attitude, and heart warming manner with the preschoolers is inspiring, all while having the brightest smile on her face! The kiddos adore her and we know you will too!

Let's play 20 questions!

1) Name: Tara Mitchell

2) What is your position at St Pius X? Preschool Teacher

3) How long have you been at Pius? This is my 7th year

4) What is your (work) spirit animal? A dolphin. I love to teach my littles in a fun and lighthearted way and I'm also very protective of my littles.

5) Who helped you get where you are today? And How?

There are so many people who guided me along my journey. I have aunts and uncles in the education field who showed me the love and passion of teaching and their students. Teachers who have left lasting impression with me and of course my family. My parents who guided and encouraged me in a field I was so passionate about even when they might have wanted me to join the family business.

6) You're hosting a dinner party. You can invite 3 guests (alive or dead, real or fiction). Who will you invite?

First, I would have it catered so I wouldn't have to miss any time with my guest and then spend the rest of the night cleaning. I would invite....My memo (my moms mom) so I could thank her for helping raise me and loving me unconditionally. Benjamin Gates from National Treasure movies so he can tell me all the top secret government stories they are hiding. Robin Williams so he could make me laugh until I cry.

7) Which person are you?



Other: I love animals!! I would own a small farm if the city would allow it. A small goat, a mini pig, dogs, cats, chickens... I'm pretty sure its against my homeowners association.

8) What is your favorite thing to do in Tulsa?

Hang out with friends and family. Patio dinners with entertainment.

9) My "at bat" song would be...

Oh man. I am a music lover so I would have to say I have more than one. On my way to work, I love Vacation by Dirty Heads, when I want to get my girls pumped up for their sports, its a toss up between We Will Rock You by Queen and I Am A Champion by Carrie Underwood. But my all time mood song is Sweet Child of Mine by Guns N' Roses.

10) This store has a great deal of my money!

Toss up between Amazon, Target, and Walmart

11) A previous staff member of Pius that you miss working with and/or had an influence on you? I would have to say the current staff at St. Pius. With covid, we do not get to mix cohorts or see our fellow teachers much and everyone here is worth talking to or hanging out with and I truly miss that.

12) What is the one thing at which you are a true expert?

I would like to say Disney and hair bands.

13) Best Movie Ever!

Steel Magnolias & Count of Monte Cristo

14) Social Media...

Love it!



15) People say I look like...

I have heard Natalie Portman many times but I think its because we both have a "beauty" mark in the same spot.

16) Top thing on your "bucket list"

I want to visit the Australian Zoo and get a tour by Steve Irwin's kids.

17) Something we don't know about you.

Well, if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret anymore.

18) Which one are you? ~ Before COVID :)

Go Out

Stay In


19) You win the lottery tomorrow.....what's the first thing you would do?

Claim it anonymously. Give to charities near and dear to my heart. Take my family on a fun filled vacation and set my children up.

20) What is your favorite thing about working at St. Pius X?

It's a place where I can see my own children through out the day (or spy on them) and making friends with some amazing staff members but mostly, it's the community that I feel when I am here. The teachers, the students and the families all make this a wonderful place to be.

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Virtual Library!

Visit Ms. Iten's virtual library with links everything you will ever need!

Parent Resources

Click here for school calendar, drop off and pick up procedures, supply lists, cafeteria information, after care information, and many other resources!

School Calendar

Stay up to date with school activities and events!

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St. Pius X Online Spirit Store!

Order uniform approved apparel or fan wear HERE! Check out the brand new Defender styles!

Athletic Association

The St. Pius X Athletic Association (SPXAA) exists to grow athletics within our school by offering, organizing, and outfitting our young athletes in as many sports as we can as a united St. Pius X Defenders athletic program. All are welcome to attend the Athletic Association monthly meetings. If you are interested in coaching a team, please email our Athletic Director, Royce Ellington at

Click HERE for sports information!

2021 Volleyball

Click here to sign up

Home & School Association

Home and School is a fantastic parent-led organization that oversees school sponsored events and handles fundraising for the school. The meetings are monthly and are open to all parents and they would love to have you! For more information, click HERE.

Join us for Home & School Meet & Greet on Thursday, May 20th at 6pm in Dorney Hall! We'll be introducing the new officers for 2021-2022 and announcing all the fun events planned for next year!!

If you are interested in becoming part of our association, please email H&S President Ashley Kaske at

Church News!

All are welcome to join our next Adult Bible Study: A Biblical Walk through the Mass.

This class will be held on Sunday mornings at 9:15 a.m. in Dorney Hall on these Sundays:

May 16th

May 23rd

June 6th

June 13th

June 27th

About us

Joyfully upholding “all things in Christ” by promoting academic excellence, personal responsibility, and diversity.

Please follow us on our social media outlets for more ways to keep up with information. You can also find us on Instagram -

If you would like to include something in our weekly bulletin, please submit to Mandy Horn at

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