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Week of September 17- September 21st

  • September 17th is an A day
  • September 17th- Back to School Picnic hosted by the HSA. Come out and enjoy the energy and excitement of a new school year
  • School is closed on September 19th in observance of Yom Kippur
  • September 21st is the first School Store of the 2018-2019 school year
This week we begin "Quote of the Week." Each Monday, a quote will be selected and announced during our morning announcements. The teachers will be discussing the quote with the children and having them complete a reflection. Each week they will discuss what they think the quote means, why they think the author said it, and how they can apply this quote to their school life.

If you have a quote that motivates you, that defines good character, ideals, and is inspirational, send it in and we will add it to our ever growing list.

What do you do with a Chance?

This past week, I've gotten to go into each classroom and read "What do you do with a Chance?" by Kobi Yamada. The children were challenged to guess why I chose this book to read to them out of all of the books I could have chosen. At the conclusion of the story, children shared their ideas. Finally, we made the connection between the story and school and our learning . As Yamada stated, "What do chances become? New friendships, exciting opportunities (such as becoming principal!), and daring discoveries. Chances are invitations to grand adventures, tickets to unforgettable experiences, and doors to whole new worlds Chances help you see who you are, what you want, and where you want to go." When children walk into a school building each and every day the chances are abundant. I shared my goals for them, take chances, take risks, be learners, be comfortable not knowing as this is why you come to school each day. School is not validation that you know things, it is the opportunity to learn something new! So Sussex Avenue, what will you do with your chance? It is up to you!
This week's "Bravo" goes to our students who completed their Summer Reading. Congratulations to the following 3rd grade students: Erin M., Lisbeth R., Leo H., Aidan L., Cameron S., Anaiz B., Olivia M., Caroline P., Adalyn G., Isa M., Reid S., Katherine U., Grisel M., Yoselyn I.; 4th grade: Jonah S., Pierce W., Micah S., Bryan U., Lena F., Juliet F., Sydney L., Kate P., Justin B., Matthew K., Dalia K., Harry M.; and 5 grade: Frank S., Starla M., Emily S., Jessica R., Miriam C., Ellman L.

The children received a certificate and gold medal for their accomplishment. As a special treat, the children will also receive some extra recess time for their hard work.

Great job Ladies and Gentlemen. As Dr. Seuss said, "You can find MAGIC, wherever you LOOK. Sit back, RELAX, all you need is a BOOK." Happy Reading!!

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Thank you to the Home School Association (HSA) for the wonderful staff luncheon. It was absolutely delicious!! A special thank you to Melissa Johnson for organizing and decorating the event. Your generosity, care, and support is greatly appreciated. We look forward to another amazing partnership this school year.
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Dear Students...

Students are the center of our profession. What a better way to celebrate and share with our children how much we care for them than to have a friend create a giant poster just for them. Look for this poster in the school (I am thinking the stairwell).
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