Dreiling Nation

We are heading into my FAVORITE time of the year and what a way to kick of 4th Quarter! You all continue to blow me away with what you are building! I still KNOW we will have a few new RVPs by the end of the year...and a whole slew of new Areas and Districts! What are you FOCUSING on? How do you want to end the year? Remember, every little, seemingly insignificant, action is moving you toward or away from your goal...what direction are you heading?!

What are you COMMITTING to, TODAY, to end your 2015?? And what are you COMMITTING to, TODAY, for GTC?? Set your goal of where you want to move to! Do you want to end your year as a District Manager, Area Manager, or even RVP or NVP?!?! Do you want to attend GTC as a new Area Manager to be able to attend the WHITE PARTY? Or to walk the stage at GTC as a NEW Regional Vice President or NEW National Vice President??

We launched the Head to Head Sponsoring Challenge for November (details below) and I'm PUMPED for it! Sponsoring is always the best indicator of growth in our businesses and what a way to close out the year! There is SO much excitement right now and this time of year, especially, is one that you want to be in the most activity possible! People right now are looking back on their year and evaluating it and wanting to make changes in the new year. Are you offering people an opportunity to make a major change to their lives for the better?? People are also on the hunt for something special, perhaps a last minute gift idea, for their friends and family. Are you offering people our incredible products?? People are also looking for ways to get healthy as they go down the slippery slope of the holiday eating craze. Are you offering people a way to get back on track with our Detox Bootcamp?? Do you see what I mean when I say that this time of year is PERFECT for our business! People WANT what we have, but they won't know about it unless we SHARE!

I BELIEVE IN YOU and am in your corner ALWAYS!!

NOVEMBER Recognition - Effective Dec 1st

1/2 Way to REGION

Maggie Meyer

*New* District Managers (8% pay raise!)

Lisa Schroedter (CA) promoted by Liz Hutchinson (her first month!!)

Julie Bringuel (CA) promoted by Liz Hutchinson

Kaitee Mead (CA) promoted by Hillary Dunks

Ashleigh Moody promoted by Gwyneth Spinden

District Managers in Qualification

Michelle Meiring (MI) in Lisa Meiring's District

Stacey Richardson in Lisa Meiring's District

Claire Soto in Megan Berry's District

Ingrid Stolmack in Mary Pugh's District

Megan Stolmack in Mary Pugh's District

Jocelyn Weart (CA) in Maggie Meyer's District

Sarah Stilp (WI) in Kristen Cooper Borkenhagen's District

Kimmi Lehr (TX) in Liz Hutchinson's District

Cindy Harrod Adkins (CA) in Liz Hutchinson's District

Lindsay Schroedter (CA) in Liz Hutchinson's District

Ashley Novander (FL) in Liz Hutchinson's District

Arynn Thorp in Nina Sloan's District

Adonia Hentrich in Gwyneth Spinden's District

Raquel Flores (TX) in Tania Diller's District

Beth Kempel in Tania Diller's District

Alice Porter in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Lindsey Renn in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Jenny Nelson in Amber Kavan's District

Jennifer Grout in Amber Kavan's District

Roxanne Pierce in Holly Houseworth's District

Megan Meyers in Holly Houseworth's District

LeAnda Stafford in Kim Tokarski's District

Dana Hamilton in Kim Tokarski's District

Mark Hammond in Dylan Miller's District

Elisabeth Strouse in Dylan Miller's District

Moriah Hager (WY) in Jenn Mitchell's District

Caitlin Nollen (WY) in Kristi Coulthard's District

Crystal McFadden (WY) in Colleen Reese's Distrct

DM Bonus Earners (extra $200 on top of your paycheck)

Maggie Meyer

Hillary Dunks

Lisa Meiring

Liz Hutchinson

Gwyneth Spinden

Kimberly Tokarski

Amber Davan

McKenzie Cartwright

Holly Houseworth

AM Bonus Earners (extra $400 on top of your paycheck)

Maggie Meyer

Liz Hutchinson

Trisha Dreiling

Holly Houseworth

RVP Bonus Earners (extra $600 on top of your paycheck)

Liz Hutchinson

TRIFECTA Bonus Earners (extra $1200 on top of your paycheck)

Liz Hutchinson

Mid-Month Rockstars (2500 building block on or before the 15th of the month)!

Liz Hutchinson

Maggie Meyer

Gwyneth Spinden

Kim Tokarski

Holly Houseworth

Tania Diller

Brooks Radighieri

Marian Mather


Top Sales and Sponsoring Achievers

Top Region Sales

Liz Hutchinson - $69,227

Top Region Sponsoring

Liz Hutchinson - 66

Top Area Sales (Top 10 over $10K)

Holly Houseworth - $23,724

Trisha Dreiling - $22,247

Liz Hutchinson - $21,404

Maggie Meyer - $20,384

Lisa Meiring - $14,222

Tania Diller - $10,838

Gwyneth Spinden - $10,767

Megan Berry - $10,718

Top Area Sponsoring (Top 10 over 10)

Holly Houseworth - 29

Lisa Meiring - 24

Trisha Dreiling - 18

Liz Hutchinson - 17

Tania Diller - 13

Gwyneth Spinden - 13

Maggie Meyer - 12

Megan Berry - 12

Top District Sales (Top 10 over $5k)

Liz Hutchinson - $16,147

Maggie Meyer - $15,864

Gwyneth Spinden - $10,767

Holly Houseworth - $7,053

Tania Diller - $5,796

Hillary Dunks - $5,643

McKenzie Cartwright - $5,507

Lisa Meiring - $5,425

Kim Tokarski - $5,214

Amber Kavan - $5,042

Top District Sponsoring (Top 10 over 5)

Liz Hutchinson - 16

Gwyneth Spinden - 13

Kimberly Tokarski - 12

Amber Kavan - 12

Maggie Meyer - 12

Lisa Meiring - 9

Brooks Radighieri - 7

Hillary Dunks - 7

McKenna Smith - 6

McKenzie Cartwright - 6

Top Personal Sponsoring

Kim Tokarski - 12

Brooks Radighieri - 7

McKenna Smith - 6

Jocelyn Weart - 6

Incentives / Challenges

Retreats / Trainings / Conferences

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Dreiling Nation Celebration

Make sure to get tickets for our Dreiling Nation Celebration on 1/29 @ 7:00 pm at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center!

As a consultant in the Dreiling Nation, you have ONE ticket for yourself that is free! All other tickets for your guests need to be purchased! The early bird price of $12 is a STEAL for this type of event! This creates HUGE vision of what's possible for guests, spouses/significant others, etc. So plan on bringing a car full of people with you! PLUS, this is a celebration of YOU and all your efforts throughout the year! You don't want to miss it!

We have a VERY SPECIAL guest speaker - Stian Morck! Stian is our founder's son and the vision, culture, and history he brings to Arbonne is incredible!

VP2B BOOTCAMP CALLS - Who's ready to go REGION??

Below are some AMAZING calls from top leaders in Arbonne with tips on going region in 6 months! ENVP Mary Wright took the initiative to have all these calls recorded and she has shared them with us!!

Take the time to listen to one of these per day, over and over again, as you fill your calendar fuller than you have ever had it!!

ENVP Tiffany Anzelc

ENVP Tracey Gatchel

ENVP Lori Lucero

ENVP TIffany Bufton

ENVP Kristen Walter

NVP Toni Templeman

NVP Sara Davenport

NVP Mo Boeger

ENVP Wendy Cunningham

ENVP Micheline Kirsebaum

ENVP Molly Geil

ENVP Linda Parker

NVP Jenny Kronbach

ENVP Beth Malcook

NVP Dr. Laura Fortner

NVP Liz DeLoach

ENVP Tarrah Brandsma

ENVP Mary Wright

ENVP Katie De Dominicis