Anthony Giegbefumwen

Love Sick...

I'm tired of waddling around by myself. I am apart of the animal class Aves. I'm about middle aged. When I was little, all the other birds would make fun of me, because I couldn't fly. Even though my kind typically lives in cold places I'm still a pretty "warm-blooded" bird. I'm very well dressed, some say it's like I'm always wearing a tuxedo all the time. When reproducing I lay hard-shelled eggs, but I'm cool with live birth. But, that's enough about me, tell me some things about you! ( P.S. I'm in to mammals.) - Pablo the Penguin

Looking for someone special!

Hey! My name is Lori the Lion . I am apart of the animal class Mammals. I'm 34 1/2. One day, I was just laying around and looking for love in newspaper, then I saw your ad and thought you were handsome. I have a lot of fur and hair, especially around my head. I'm also "warm-blooded", and walk on all 4 legs. My love ROARS!!! a thousand miles a thousand miles for you. I think we should find a way to meet. <3 - Lori the Lion
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