Team No Name December Newsletter

Happy December!

We had another fabulous month - and ended as a Star Team... our November GWV was 4652.55.

December is another great opportunity for a strong month.

Scentsy announced a December 17th cut-off date for orders. Remember, this is their promise to SHIP before the Holiday, they have no control over UPS and the whether. I'm suggesting to my clients that they order by the weekend of the 12/13th.

I have 3 Shows and 3 Open Houses planned this month to help me hit my PRV goal (more on that later). What do you have planned? Share your thoughts and ideas with us on our Facebook Group!

Don't forget about our FABULOUS 3-day Scentsy sale, which began today (Dec 2nd)!

Check your Workstation or our FB Group for shareable graphics and details.

November Sales by PRV

Shannon V 705.00

Kristen B 690.00

Sharron G 573.00

Andrea C 548.50

Top November Recruiters

We had one Consultant sign up last month, and I was her Sponsor. So no Top Recruiters to report.

Do you have a goal for December?

They say that the best way to stick with your goals is to say them out loud - so share your goals with me via Email OR share them on Facebook with our entire Group. Let us help you stay motivated

My goals for December are 1250PRV and 6000GWV ..... to get back to that SuperStar Team status ;)

Scentsy checking account

Do you have a separate account for your Scentsy income? I suggest that you create one. Because you are an Independent Consultant, you do not need a commercial account or anything complicated. Simply open a personal Checking Account (be sure to put your significant other on the account so that they can access the money in case something happens to you).

It will help you keep your Scentsy money separate from your family money, and help to prevent you from accidentally spending your family money on Scentsy business supplies or inventory. I have my monthly pay going directly into my checking account each month (you simply log in to the Scentsy Pay account and request a recurring transfer). And I also deposit all of my sales into the account (including my PayPal and Square payments). At any given moment I know how much money I have so that I know how much I can spend on marketing supplies or inventory.

I also have a separate credit card that I use for Scentsy purchases - marketing purchases and inventory purchases. (or you can use your Scentsy Pay card)

Having a separate account makes pulling records aside easier for tax purposes - I download my checking and credit card statements into Excel and sort them by expenses for my accountant.

Let me know if you'd like to chat about this some more - on the phone or via Echat.

Big image

Check out your Incentive Trip Points

Your Incentive Trip points are located on the Home tab of the Workstation. Even if you don't think you'll pull it off this year, check it out and see where you are - it's a great way to better able to plan for next year's (because they are generally scored in much the same way).

January is Bring Back My Bar Month

We voted and the top 2- bars were revealed (see graphic below). They are available for sale on your PWS January 1-31. You can buy a full st beginning on December 21, I always buy at least one full set - I use one for testers and meet up with my local clients so they can take a whiff (then I toss them into my inventory at the end of January).

I don't usually share this list with my clients this early because I do not want to hurt my December sales. I'll wait until mid-month and then post on Facebook and Email the clients that favor some of these scents (I keep track of their favorite scents).

Big image

Make this a personal best month!!!

Time to get out there and take advantage of the December Holiday Shopping. You have something available for EVERYONE'S gift lists! Be prepared to make scent suggestions (use the "Classics" category to help you).

Be sure and plant the seed about being able to help them spend the cash that they get for Christmas gifts, too!

Go get 'em!!