Get your Prefix 'Fic'! NOW!

Everybody has it so why wont you?!


Do any of your children believe in the easter bunny, fairies/tooth faires, or santa claus? If yes, then "Fic" is the prefix for you and your child!!

How Does It work?

OK first when you get your prefix "Fic" you get any word. For example the word Fiction, fiction means to make up something, to invent, imagine. So then when you get your word you want to use for the prefix "Fic" . It becomes what your word is.! It is simple and easy!


The prefix Fic comes from long time ago ! it all started when a man was using his imaganation and started saying all different stuff till he realized he could make up stories, anything!, but he thought what is the perfect word or prefix to use for the definition imagine, invent,? Two days passed until he finally got it. the prefix was 'Fic" ! He said" I will use Fiction books to make up stories!