ELC February Newsletter

News and events from around the Early Learning Center at BMS

Happy New Year!

It seems like ages since we were ringing in the new year as so much has happened since then! Since the 4th of January, the ELC students have been back and busy with their units and inquiries. We are looking forward to sharing some of our adventures with you this month. Especially the preschoolers, who are currently inquiring into "journeys and explorations can influence us in many ways" for their unit of inquiry.

Welcome to 2016, from the ELC at BMS!

WINTER BREAK - 01.02 to 05.02

Please remember that the 01.02. - 05.02.2016 is winter break. We will run holiday program in the ELC, but all curriculum, clubs, and specialist lessons are canceled. Classes may be mixed, and teachers for your children may vary during the course of the week.

Please be sure to sign-up for the week with your classroom teachers, if your child will attend, so that we can plan accordingly.

International Random Acts of Kindness Week

Monday, Feb. 8th, 7am to Sunday, Feb. 14th, 6pm


We would like to invite you to participate in International Random Acts of Kindness week, along with your children and children's teachers. This is a week-long event that is being discussed, worked with, and acted upon throughout school! We are looking forward to seeing how our students choose to act upon their thoughts of "what is a random act of kindness?" and "how can you be kind to one another?".

Spread the word! Feel free to also join us in spreading kindness in your own place of work, at home, or here at school!

The ELC is celebrating Fasching/Carnival on 09.02 - creative costumes welcome!

Information for incoming 1st graders' parents

Tuesday, March 1st, 4:30pm

BMS Cafeteria

Ms. O'Fee and Ms. Knowles look forward to welcoming our preschool parents to an information session in preparation for the 1st grade at BMS.

Second Semester clubs - Preschool

We are looking forward to our newest club offers for preschoolers for the second semester. After surveying parents on their interests for afternoon clubs, we have opened up an Arts Club from February onwards. We are also offering, for the 8th year running, "We Empower You / Wir stärken dich" as a 6 week club for our preschoolers. We would like to thank our parents for responding to our survey and for giving us their feedback.