Ms. Paparella's Class

April Highlights

Upcoming Quarter

I hope this newsletter finds your family well! I wanted to take the time to give an update on my goals for this final quarter as well as highlight the upcoming curriculum. It is my hope that by doing so, we will maximize the time that we have left in the school year!
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CONTINUE to read consistently with your child! All the statistics show that readers grow by READING. If your child has books that they enjoy, we should see a desire to read past the 20 minutes that are required simply because they want to! If you feel like they are not bringing home books that foster this love of reading, please let me know so we can spend extra time in class choosing books that they love!

While reading fiction, prompt your child with questions regarding the characters, setting, and plot. Over the course of the quarter, we want to ensure that they understand how each of these impact the story they are reading.

Non-fiction will require them to understand the different types of text features and how they impact their understanding of a given topic. Since we have spent so much time studying animals, I think they have had a great deal of exposure to these features in various texts. Let's continue to ensure they see these features in other texts as well!


We will soon wrap up our investigation of measurement! They have had the chance to use tools authentically since the start of the school year. This coupled with the fact that we consistently track data in our own classroom leads me to believe they have a strong understanding of both concepts.

Next we will begin to investigate shapes! This leads us into partitioning or breaking shapes apart. You can support your learner by pointing out examples of shapes around your home and in the environment.

Our last two chapters will cover addition and subtraction for three-digit numbers. They have't had to regroup in a while so I anticipate this will be challenging for them! If you have extra time at home, this would be an AWESOME opportunity for review. PLEASE make sure you refer to the regroup as a group of 10's if it is in the 10's place!


In order to prepare our kids for standardized testing, we have begun quick writes in our classroom. This is where kids are given a specific topic or question to write about where time is the constraint. We want them to make smart moves in planning their writing as well as using great grammar and punctuation so the reader can understand what they are trying to communicate. You can support them at home by having them write about what they are reading!

We have also begun cursive! Do not be surprised if their attempts do not look exactly right! Learning is a PROCESS. I am hoping that over the next few weeks we will begin to see improvements!


Our investigation of animals has been awesome! We have been incorporating poetry and measurement as a way to integrate! This will continue for about two more weeks!

This year we will also study matter (solids, liquids, and gases) as well as magnets! These are all very hands on which I believe will help keep the kids engaged as the year comes to a close!