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Welcome Kristina Eanes!

We wanted to introduce our newest employee, Kristina Eanes! A local from Madison County, Kristina comes to us with a sales and marketing background. She is very enthusiastic and excited to be apart of the MADWOOD Team. Kristina is married and has two 6 & 7 year old boys. Fun fact: She loves coffee and we rarely catch her without a cup on her desk! Kristina will be assisting the sales team with answering the phones, entering orders and keeping us organized (Lord knows we need it!). We ask that you please be patient as she's currently learning how to use our system- Kristina has caught on quickly so far and we know with a little help she will become an expert in no time. She looks forward to getting to know all of you and invites you to call in to say hello!

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We are looking to move the following items:

#1 2x8x12 36 Pieces

#2 3x8x16 5 Pieces
#1 2x10x24 3 Pieces
#2 4x8x16 1 Piece
#2 3x10x20 3 Pieces
#1 2x12x8 44 Pieces

Call your account manager for pricing and availability!
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