China's History Choice Board

By Randall Raposo And Cooper Salo

Tienanmen Square Messacre

IN 1989, Several hundred protesters were shot at random at Tienanmen Square as they wanted democracy, but were shot at random.The protests began with a march by students in memory of former party leader Hu Yaobang, who had died a week before. But days passed and they became united, all calling for democracy. 30 died, many more were injured, US President George Bush said he deeply deplored the use of force he didn't do anything.

The four Modernizations

The 4 modernization started in 1963 and its goals made by Zhou Enlai and entranced by Deng Xiaoping in 1978 was China's attempt to modernize the fields in Agriculture, Industry, National Defense, and Science and Technology. It stared as early as January 1963: at the Conference on Scientific and Technological Work held in Shanghai, Zhou Enlai called for the professionals in science to create "The four Modernization" and was changed in 1975 by Zhou Enlai as one of his last Public acts.

Deng Xiaoping

Deng Xiaoping was a Communist Leader in China, He was most known for his Cultural Revolution. He was the most powerful person in china between the 1970s until his death in 1997. His early life was a well one, he was the son of a landowner and studied in france where he joined the Communist movement. In the 1970s he became the Emperor of China where he set up The Cultural Revolution, The Cultural Revolution was basic a time where they destroyed the past and created things like the little red book and the red guard which re-enforced the power back in the Government