Philo Taylor Farnsworth

the inventor of the Telivision (1906-1971) By: Ellyn =^.^=

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~Philo Taylor Farnsworth is the inventor of the TV.

~He has only made the main parts or has perfected the other parts that other people made.

~One guy in the UK made the Television but was pink and fuzzy. (But who cares about him)


~Philo was born August 19 1906 in Beaver Utah.

~ He was 11 when he moved to Rigby Idaho and that's when his idea came for the TV

~When he was done with high school he went to college at Brigham Young University

for two years.

~His father passed away after those two years so he took a break and he went back to

college at University of Utah.

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~He married his girlfriend Elma Gardner on January 7th 1927.

~Philo made his first public demonstration on September 7th 1927 at age 21.

~He got a medal from the National Television Broadcasters


~After he invented the TV he got a laboratory but the cost was too high and so he had to shut it down.


~He sadly passed away on march 11 1971.

~In Washington DC they made a statue for him from his invention.

~He made the coolest invention ever the TV.

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Philo T. Farnsworth

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