Wind Energy

Is wind energy renewable or non-renewable?

Examples of Wind Energy

  • Wind energy in windmills is powered by an electromagnet inside an electric generator.
  • There is a main shift, gear-box transmission, generator, brake, high speed shaft, blades, and a hub inside a windmill that helps generate wind energy.

Renewable or Non-Renewable?

  • Wind energy is renewable because the wind energy is replenished and restored on a timescale.
  • Wind energy is renewable because it doesn't take work and it doesn't pollute the air around us.
  • Wind energy is renewable because it's used to power windmills and it helps make the world a healthier place.

An example of wind energy transforming into electricity

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Percentage of wind energy used in New York and the United States

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New York uses 2.6 percent of wind energy everyday.

The United States uses 15 percent of wind energy everyday.

Pros of wind energy

  • It's renewable and it doesn't pollute the air.
  • It can turn into electricity.
  • It's not used in power plants and factories.

Cons of wind energy

  • Wind energy is a fluctuating source of energy and is not suited to meet the base load energy demand unless some form of energy storage is utilized.
  • Wind turbines can be a threat to wildlife.
  • Wind blades can fall off and destroy nearby neighboring homes.

What the news says about wind energy in New York

  • New York is drawing more and more power from wind and solar, but its renewable energy standard is set to expire at the end of the year.
  • New York's first wind farm began producing and delivering electric power in 2000.
  • Kit Kennedy says "This growth in wind power has taken place because of a great policy that New York has called the ‘renewable portfolio standard policy’"

Here's a video about wind energy

Energy 101 - Wind Turbines