Banned books

Do You go against or with banning books?

Why its against the first amendment?

Book-banning in school libraries is only the latest battleground in a centuries-old war over the censorship of ideas. Secular and religious authorities have censored books for as long as people have been writing them. In 360 B.C. Plato described the ideal Republic “Our first business will be to supervise the making of fables and legends; rejecting all which are unsatisfactory.

Why its good to ban books at school?

Its good because some books contain such bad content so little students to understand at a young age so that's a reason why some books should be banned. Some contain racism and violence for students to learn off of and could influence the kids to do bad in real life.

Why i go against banned books?

This is one of the reasons why i go against banned books because it violates the first amendments and to be specific it goes against freedom of press. Books shouldn't get banned because some overreact and if you don't like the book then don't read it. Make the books available to read and if you don't like then leave it for someone else to read not ban it because you don't like it.
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This is why i go against banning books?

Some might find it interesting some wont so they should just leave it so for people that enjoy can read the book.