First Grade News

December 7 - December 11

With only 11 days left until Christmas Break it is very important that your student is here every day. Today we began our 2nd quarter testing for report cards so if your student is gone for multiple days their scores may not be where they should. If you student is sick and misses school PLEASE be sure that you are practicing sounds, tricky words and spelling tricky words. If you need help with this let me know and I would be happy to help.

  • Please make sure your student is wearing appropriate clothing for the weather each day. We are in an old building and we never know what the temperature is going to be in our room, but its usually pretty cool. Also, we WILL go out to recess as long as the temperature is above freezing. If your student does not come with a coat they will not be able to join use for recess.
  • Facebook: as an effort to provide better communication with families we have been urged to create a Facebook page for our class. This will be used to show families what is going on in the classroom and help send out updates. While there may be pictures posted of students we will NOT use their names on anything. If you would like to follow us you can like the page "Mr. Soendker's First Grade Class"

Important Dates

  • Dec. 8: Holiday Family Night and Music Program
  • Christmas Break: December 23 - January 3

Specials This week:

Monday: Art

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Music

Friday: Art

Week 16 Spelling Words:

cod, lot, snap, bone, nose, home, globe, tadpole, live, give, like, have, only, old, one, by, so, my, go, so