The Struggle Of Child Labor

Industrial Revolution

Jobs Children did in Factories

* Children as young as six years old would have to work in factories. They would have to do very dirty jobs (Chimney Sweeps).

* One job that the kids would be told to do was to clean underneath the machines. Sometimes they would be told to do this even when the machines would be running.

**Children and factories*** The picture below shows kids in the factory where they have to work. It shows the dangerous job of cleaning under the machines also.

Hours, Food, and Working Conditions

* Some examples of what the children were fed in the factories: Oatcakes, Mutton, bacon, beer(even for the little, little kids) and tea.

* Some children only had to work 12-14 hours. This was very rare beacuse the owners thought that they would be loosing by not working as long as they possably could.

**Young and working** This picture shows how young the kids had to be to work which could be as young as five or six.

Accidents that often Happened to the Children

* A lot of accidents, and even some deaths, occurred on the job.

* Hands and arms would often get caught in the machines

**Dangerous Climbing** The boy standing on the machine has a chance of getting his arm, leg, or anything else caught in the machines.


* Cruel and unusual punishments were given to any child who was late or did anything wrong.

*Weighting was one punishment; This was when the overseer would time a weight to a child's neck and make them walk up and down the factory isle to make other kids "take example" on what not to do.

**The punishment** This is showing a boy who is a worker at his young age. He is being punished and has to carry this.

Efforts to improve/ End Child Labor

* There were people who strongly believed that child labor should be abolished or at least improved

* In 1833, The Factory Act was passed by Parliament

**The Factory Act** This is the document that limited the hours that women and children worked a day.