Support Our Farmers

Come To Our Railroad Protest

We Don't Want

-To work more than 8 hours a day

-To have no money just because the soil didn't support it. It is my survival at stack

- We want to have money to buy the crops we need and to take care of my family.

- We don't want to be token for granted, overlooked, and forgotten after hours of true hard labor.

- We want to have a great life and we deserve no less because we work hard for it.

-Don't be the reason your family is homeless, join the real cause. The meeting is next Friday at 7 in Dallas Park, Dallas NC. Off 85 and passed Ingles. Stay straight and it can not be missed- It is on the left

- Raise against the Machine, they take us for granted and they over price everything. Do not stand for it for one more moment.