Teachers with Techitude

A sort-of monthly tech newsletter for the awesome HESD staff

In this Back to School 2017 edition:

  • Updating your school website
  • Using new features of your new phones
  • Accessing Wonders/Maravillas (K-5) and Ca Math (6-8)
  • International Dot Day 2017
  • Student Google accounts and passwords
  • Events this fall--- mark your calendars!


Your Teacher Webpage on your School Site

Your school webpage is a fantastic way to connect with your families and the community, so let's keep it current and updated!

The 3 minute video below will show how to update your teacher card with your current grade and email (please make sure to change to @hueneme.org) Want to see the steps in print? Click here!

Want to know more about using your teacher site? Click here!



Cool New Phones are here!

This summer HESD Technology installed new phones throughout the district. Our new service provider, Jive Communications, uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to provide voice communication using our data network. Your new phone will function largely like the phone it replaced with a few differences and some functional improvements.

Here are some of the changes:

1. Phones must be plugged into network ports (not the old phone ports).

2. You do not have to dial a nine or two nines to call an outside phone number.

3. You have a new extension number. Your school office will be providing you with an updated extension list for your site.

4. You can call any extension within the district directly without dialing an outside number-- just pick up your phone and dial their four digit extension.

5. All users now have voicemail. (this is so cool--- your voice mail is automatically sent to your email as an audio file)


Learn how to set up your voicemail

- important: change the password from the default

- record a concise "unavailable message"

Learn other features of your phone, like transferring calls and sending a call directly to voice mail

Remember-- update your email signature if it includes your phone extension

Click the blue button below to open the Jive User Guide

Jive User Guide (PDF)

Click the blue button above to open the Jive User Guide

The coming weeks and months will be a period of growth while we become accustomed to the new phone system and discover new features. The Technology Department is committed to providing excellent service for the new phone system.

After we have addressed functionality issues, we will begin working on request to move phones to preferred locations.

If you need assistance with your phone, please submit a support request at https://support.hsdnet.local/index.php

(please note, tech support tickets can only be submitted from school, not from home or Starbucks etc)


K-5 ELA-- Wonders/Maravillas

Logging in for teachers and students--- there is now a link on your school page to sign into your ELA Wonders/Maravillas account. Click the link, then sign in with your Google Account (@hsdschools.org) If you need your password, please put in a tech support ticket.

OR login to Clever and click the McGraw Hill Education button

6-8 MATH -- California Math

California Math has been updated so your students will be rostered automatically. Instead of signing in through ConnectEd, the link on the website has been updated to direct you to the McGraw Hill page. Please sign in with your Google Account. Your old log in will not work.

OR login to Clever and click the McGraw Hill Education button


Links to some resources you might be interested in!

International Dot Day 2017

Teach your students about a growth mindset, the impact of trying, and how they can make a mark on their world. Click for more info in a newsletter of resources!

Get student Google Accounts and Passwords

Click this button for a screen shot guide to get student accounts and passwords through Q


Mark your calendars for some teacher collaboration and learning!

There are always opportunities to collaborate with teachers outside your school, and learn more about teaching with technology. This fall, there are three events coming up fast, so mark your plan book and plan to participate!


Shine 2017
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