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Mission, Vision, & Beliefs


The mission of the Haynes Bridge Middle School Counseling Department is to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to provide a comprehensive counseling program that meets the academic, personal/social, and career/college needs of ALL students, while preparing them to be productive and successful citizens in the global community .


It is the vision of the Haynes Bridge Middle School Counseling Department that our students will excel as independent thinkers, respectful individuals, and life-long learners. As a results of our comprehensive program, students will achieve their fullest potential and be socially and emotionally prepared to make a positive difference at school and in the global community.


· All students have the ability to achieve to their highest potential.

· The developmental needs of our students are best met by the implementation of a comprehensive guidance program and the collaboration of the school community/school counseling advisory council.

· Counselors are responsible for advocating for the academic and personal/social needs of every student.

· An effective counseling program uses data-driven and research-based interventions and programs to meet the needs of all students.

· Our department adheres to the American School Counselors Association’s Ethical Standards for School Counselors.

Meet the HBMS Counseling Department Staff

What We Do For You

The Haynes Bridge Counseling Department provides the following services:

· Individual Counseling

· Small Group Counseling

· Classroom Guidance

· Character Education

· Career and College Exploration

· Middle/High School Transition Assistance

· Parent/Guardian Consultation

· Diversity Education

· Organization Assistance

Other Services as Needed/Requested

Incident Referral Form for Parents, Staff, and Students

Please click on the link to submit your Academic, Social, and Personal concerns to a Counselor here.


Counseling Student Surveys

6th Grade Student Survey

Welcome to Middle School! The purpose of this survey is to find out more about you and what goals you would like to set for yourself for the school year. Your parents, teachers, counselors, and principal would like to help you with these goals.


7th Grade Student Survey

Welcome back to another great school year! The purpose of this survey is to find out more about you and what goals you would like to set for yourself for the school year.


8th Grade Student Survey

Welcome to your last year of Middle school! The purpose of this survey is to find out more about you, what goals you would like to set for yourself for the school year, and to see what you already know about high school requirements and career planning.


Schoolwide Bullying Survey

All students at HBMS will take the Schoolwide Bullying Survey during their Bullying Classroom Guidance lesson with the counselor to help us know how we can stop Bullying in our school.


Signs of Suicide Student Survey

These questions are about feelings that people sometimes have and things that may have happened to you. Most of these questions are about the last 4 weeks. Students will complete these surveys during their Signs of Suicide Guidance lesson.


Career Day Survey

Let us know what you thought about Career Day this year!


Fantasy College Survey

For College Week, please complete the survey about a college you would like to attend.


What To Do When You Need Evaluations and Recommendations Completed


If you are need to have any evaluation or recommendation form completed for any student, for any reason, please send the request to through the Counseling Department. We are required to have a Fulton County Release of Information form on file prior to the release of any information to a third party. Once we have your release form on file, we will coordinate the collection of the forms for you and direct them to the requesting school, organization, or physician’s office.

Thank you all so much for assisting Haynes Bridge stay within Fulton County’s guidelines for managing this type of information.

Haynes Bridge Counseling Department

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