CAPE Summer Literacy Workshop

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Format with Four Featured Educators

CAPE of Madison County invites you to a unique CAPE Summer Literacy Workshop that offers grade level group sessions geared specifically for teachers and staff from Madison County.

Workshop Overview

Keynote - Mrs. Andrea McCammon - P16 Director, State of Indiana

Courtney Gordon, Smekens Literacy Specialist

David Slonim, Author and Illustrator

Jean Russell, 2016 Indiana Teacher of the Year

Location - Pendleton Heights Middle School

Thursday, June 8th, 8am-3pm

7450 South 300 West

Pendleton, IN

Attendees will receive:

Valuable Instruction & handouts

Receive $10 in CAPE Bucks to be used the day of workshop

Lunch on site

Cost: $65

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Courtney Gordon Literacy Specialist

Courtney Gordon of Smekens Education Solutions

Morning Session: Intermediate (grades 3 - 6 and up)


The standards require that students are engaged in frequent research experiences. Beyond viewing “research” as a massive unit that culminates with a multi-page product, students need to know how to gather, organize, and present researched information on a regular basis and at every grade level. The real focus of this session is on the research process, as opposed to the product.

· Identify the skills necessary for organizing and presenting researched information.

· Teach students to analyze information stated within a primary source rather than accept someone else’s filtered interpretation in a secondary source.

· Improve students’ online navigational skills with essential Internet tips & tricks.

· Acquire a list of alternative products to the traditional research report.


Summarizing is a necessary facet to achieve reading comprehension. However, it is not the goal. Reader thinking must evolve beyond a basic understanding of a text and achieve a deeper synthesis of the information. But what does “deeper synthesis” look like, and how do we get there? This session will dive into these questions and more as teachers learn how to prepare students to do something with what they have read.

· Acquire concrete and kid-friendly explanations of

· summary and synthesis.

· Learn an explicit routine to synthesize author ideas during and after reading.

· Identify common text-to-text connections that lead to deeper synthesis.

· Scaffold instruction to move past a basic summarization of one text to achieve a sophisticated synthesis of multiple texts.

Afternoon Session: Grades PK - 2


Teachers at all levels are expected to provide writing experiences across the three major modes— argumentative/persuasive, informative, and narrative. And yet, strategies to differentiate skills among grade levels can seem unclear. In this session, we’ll zero-in on a definitive scaffold of lessons that develop writers across a K-12 continuum. So whether you teach first grade, fifth grade, or freshmen, you’ll learn how to take students from where they are to where they need to be.

· Recognize the core skills that make each mode distinctly different.

· Learn to vary the genre, format, and audience within writing tasks.

· Receive grade-appropriate lesson ideas for essential writing skills.

· Study samples of yearlong writing units that lead to mastery of essential skills.