Cold War Culture

Federal Communications Commission

What: The Federal Communications Commission was a government agency that regulated licensed television, telephone, telegraph, and radio, and other communications industries.

When: 1956

Location: All over the United States of America.

Cause: 1950's was a booming period in mass media, as well as television, and this agency choose what stations were to be broadcast.

Reason: At the time television was a huge deal, but not all stations could just have their creations broadcast, which is why the agency was brought in.

Result: The agency was a success, it had allowed 500 new stations to broadcast.

Significance and to whom: Not only did this agency present much more to viewers, but it also presented a ton to companies who wanted to advertise, as the advertising expenditures soared from $170 million in 1950, to almost $2 billion in 1952.

Beat Movement

What: The beat movement was a movement of both social and literary nonconformity of artists, poets, and writers. The movement promoted living laid back calm lives and focused on music, drugs, and even zen buddism.

When: Mid 1950's.

Location: All over the US.

Cause: Beat movement started with post World War 2 writers who didn't accept the common standard, and liked to innovate their own style into their work.

Reason: Beat movement writers were out to set a trend of a laid back simple life style, and in many ways reject the government's ideal lifestyle.

Significance and to whom: It did in fact set a new trend, and became a big hit at the time. This sensation turned into the term "hippie" in the 1960's, accurately describing to our generation what they may have been like.