Muhammad Ali boxer

strong, brave, fast

Do you know who Muhammad Ali is? He is a famous boxer. After having his bike stolen 12-year-old Cassius said "I will whup whoever stole it."

His born name is Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. He was born on January 17 , 1942 in Louisville kentucky. His parents names are Oddessa and Cassius Sr. He has a younger brother named Rudy. His wife's name is Lonnie and he has 9 children. His youngest daughter is Laila.
He won a gold medal at the summer Olympics. He also fought through Parkinson disease. Later on in his life he was the final carrier of the torch at the summer Olympics.
Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Muhammad Ali is an important African American boxer.He is still alive. Every where he went someone knew him.


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By Madison and Hope