Media Literacy

Matt Dominguez

What is Media?

There are many definitions of the word “media”. The media is the epitome of communication for people around the world. Media can be any source of communication including social media or the news. The media is used to spread vital information that links people around the world together. The media is an indirect bond between people and a source of information. The media is found throughout everyone’s daily life for example the spreading of the news, educational studies, data, or any messages. The media ranges from CNN to social media sites including Twitter or Facebook. Although media is an abundant source of information, it has its downfalls that impact the way people perceive the world. Some sources of media spread rumors or fictional information about many countries or topics and people start to view those things as malicious. Media can either construct or destroy a reputation. Media literacy is how the world accesses, uses, and utilizes information and incorporates it in their everyday lives. Being so called “up-to-date” with everything is a something that people in modern day society use as a tool. For example I use social media sites like Twitter to keep myself up-to-date with everything that goes on around me. I feel as if the media didn't exist, I would not have any information or lead on anything that goes on around the world. Media Literacy is the basics for communication and how people interact with the data. Media literacy is how people use their resources of media to stay current in their everyday lives.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

"Puppy Love"

Budweiser in the commercial “Puppy Love” asserts that Budweiser forms a bond and sense of belonging between different cultures and people. Budweiser supports its assertion by illustrating the many journeys and attempts that the small puppy made in order to show how society is bonded together through Budweiser. The commercial’s purpose is to point out how Budweiser plays a large role in the connection of many different cultures in order to demonstrate how society relies on this drink to unify different cultures. Budweiser represents this in a heartfelt tone for adults above the age of 21 who drink around the world.

Satirical News on Lebron James

ATLANTA- Recent news suggest that the "deadly" Lebron James career is altered because of a broken nose in last weeks chaotic game vs Thunder.

The NBA is disgusted by this event and are ponderfing whether or not the Thunder should be kicked out of the league or not.

Evidence suggest that the "face of the NBA" is destroyed because of this incident.

But New Yorker Matt Dominguez says that Lebron's actions taken towards fixing the problem is the safest way to go.

"Having numerous body guards and a metal coated mask should protect him from any fouls during his next game" Kobe Bryant said.

"There should be no fear on the ruining of the face of the NBA because that was already ruined by Lebron's hairline" said Dominguez. A 5 day preporation for flopping should be taken into consideration when Lebron steps on the court because the mask will change his balance levels".

Dominguez has visited many upset fans to check up on their concern with the mask that Lebron will wear. Many responded with "the mask might upset Lebron's balance and his shooting ability will be altered even more".

The atmosphere around these millions of spectators across the world is chaos. James stated that his mask will match his uniform. Oh thank God because if it didn't match it might distract him and he'll have to pass the ball but who wants that?

"Lebron's rating in 2K14 is a 99% but he cant even make a layup without hitting the ground in the next two seconds" Kevin Durant said.

At the end of the game, his teammates might develop a new respect of Lebron because they've never seen so much courage and leadership from him. This day will be marked down in history. *Flashing news*, Lebron's hairline and broken nose don't stop the champ.

Dominguez said "the league will continue because Lebron is okay". "I can already see the new erupting fans because of such leadership. I foreshadow a Nobel Peace Prize Winner".

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God's Plan

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History Re-Write (9/11)

On September 11th, 2001, four planes were allegedly targeting major historical figures. These historical figures included, The World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Earlier that day all flights had been successfully traveling and arriving to their destinations as planned. It was an ordinary day with successful flights, until this mysterious day of potential terror and destruction. Four American Airlines were sent out at relatively close time periods that ranged on a time scale of thirty to forty five minutes.

The first plane, Flight 11, departed from Boston and was heading over to Los Angeles at 7:59 am. The time line of potential chaos had just begun at this point. Flight 11 had been perfectly fine until an emergency radio call had been sent in that the plane had been taken over. The call was at approximately 8:20 am and was reported at around 8:38 am. President Bush had been contacted at this time and he had a plan that had to be executed to perfection in order to save all citizens on this plane. The United States of America’s tactical support team had developed a policy for any events that had emergency calls for any American Airline in distress. Navy Seals had been secretly planted on random U.s. Airlines to protect the people. Bush had contacted former Navy Seal, John Smith, on American Airline Flight 11 to take care and execute emergency procedure “Airline Distress 9/11”. Former Navy Seal, John Smith had taken desperate measures to get the enemy out of the plane and protect the people. Smith had taken out 2 out of the 3 of the members but there was still one left. Smith reported that he had shot the last one in the chest 3 times and finally took control of the plane. The plane was quickly re-directed to its proper destination in Los Angeles.

There was still no information of who the terrorist were but the terror was not over yet. U.S Airline Flight 175 departed Boston to Los Angeles as well. The plane was taken over quickly because the terrorist group had been contacted that the other members had been killed and their plan failed. President Bush had not found out what their plan was but the Intel was soon to come. Bush had been contacted about the second takeover at 8:43 am but instead of having a Navy Seal on the plane he had another trick up his sleeve. A CIA agent was on Flight 175 and was trained for any chaotic situations. The name is confidential but the agent continued to execute his duty to keep everyone on the plane safe and take out the enemy. A full on takeover was executed at this time. The agent was not by himself because of the terrified but angry passengers. With the help of some passengers the cock pit was overrun and an Al-Qaida member was captured. This Intel was discovered after the CIA agent had done a series of interrogation processes on the members of this flight. The plane was re-directed back to New York and every single passenger was safe.

President Bush had now figured out that something was threatening the country so an emergency procedure was put into action. The final two planes, U.S. Airline Flight 77 and 93 had departed but from different locations. Flight 77 departed from Washington for Los Angeles and Flight 93 from Denmark, NJ for San Francisco. Intel was reported by worried “flight attendants” from both flights and because of earlier incidents, no time was wasted. Emergency plans “Distress Airline Emergency” was out into action. On both of these planes, flight attendants were trained by bush’s “National Protection Service” and were Army Generals. All Generals on the planes took their situations seriously and took over the cock pit while knocking out any terrorist members with new “sleeping gas grenades”. The planes were re-directed to Pennsylvania as a final stop to end the terror of the day. Bush’s emergency procedures went as planned and all the member of the terrorist group were captivated.

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I am re-writing history because of the terror, chaos, and scar that this event has left on the world today.

Who Gon Stop Me

This song relates to the book, 1984, in many ways. The first line in the songs states “this is something like the Holocaust” resembling the same events that are occurring in the book. This line resembles the thought and idea of chaos and hell in this book and the inevitable present day torture. Later in the song it states “who gon’ stop me, huh” and it relates to 1984 in the sense that there is not stop to the Party in Oceania. The party in Oceania is the omnipotent figure that resembles a fight that cannot be won without human spirit and an army of people that will act as martyrs. The last verse in the song that relates to 1984 is “special shout out to my old head” is a line that relates to Winston after he gets out of the Ministry of truth and all of his torturous events. That line is a salute to his old views and life because he has been brainwashed and has internally died. He regrets every moment that dealt with the betrayal of his lover, Julia. Winston at the end of the book starts to cry because he now knows that he has given up to the party and nothing will change for a while. This book is a symbol of manipulation today but in a smaller amount.

Who Gon Stop Me (Clean) - Jay-Z & Kanye West

Media Literacy Reflection

Many things have been learned in this class that will be remembered for future references in my life. I have learned things that have ranged from positives and negatives of social media to the future of the world I live in. In the beginning of this class I thought to myself “this class will be mainly about twitter and other social media sites” but I was completely wrong. I was religiously preached by you that writing isn’t a planned assignment; it is more of a “put your pencil to the paper and write what’s on your mind” type of assignment. The first essay I wrote described the negatives and positives of social media. I swore that I knew all of the aspects of social media but when it came down to it, I didn’t. I quickly learned that social media had distinct positive and negative aspects that are present in the lives of any social media users today. Later in the class I started to learn more about social media but the real attention grabber was when we started reading the novel, 1984. This novel engulfed me for many reasons including the dangerously accurate prediction of a dystopian society in the near future. Many people in the world don’t believe that the world is changing for the worse but when analyzed closely, it is. The TED talks that included the flaws of the NSA and how oblivious people are really opened my eyes and made me think more profoundly. This class is completely different from not only other language arts classes but any class that I have encountered. This course has taught me to be more of a free thinker and to open my eyes to situations that are right in front of me while others are blinded by the truth. One thing that could be a little different in the future to make the class better is more group conversations about certain views on life situations. The class arguments and discussions really brought out the true personalities and views of my fellow classmates. I truly appreciate such a realistic and interesting class coach. Thank you for all your help.