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2022 RCHS Back to School Info

Student ID required for all students.

Students will be required to wear their ID badge at all times. Students will not be able to purchase lunch in the cafeteria or check out library/textbooks without a school issued ID. Everyone will be issued the first ID free of charge. Replacement badges will cost $5. ID badges will be issued the first day of school.

According to the RCISD Secondary Dress Code Policy: School Issued ID card is required to be worn around student's neck on a lanyard or left chest with ID clip at all times.

**All Back to School forms must be completed in order for students to receive their schedule, chromebook and ID badge.

Bulldog Block/Power Hour

At RCHS we are making a schedule adjustment to our lunch and tutorial/club time in the middle of the school day. Freshman and sophomore students will be scheduled in Bulldog Block for thirty minutes and will have a designated lunch during A or B Block. Bulldog Block allows 9th and 10th graders the opportunity to focus on their academics, tutorials, accelerated instruction and to learn the skill of scheduling their time for clubs and academics. .

Juniors and Seniors will continue to have the full hour for Power Hour which incorporates their lunch, tutorials, clubs and more. Seniors only have the opportunity to sign up for off campus lunch during the Power Hour time with parent and administrative approval through forms in Family Access. We will review this information the first day of school with all students in class meetings.

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Join us for Royse City ISD Safety Night! Guests will hear from Director of Safety & Security Troy Burke on the district’s safety plans and procedures as well as learn about our safety terminology. All students, parents, and staff are welcome to attend on Monday, August 15 at 6:00 p.m. in the RCHS Performing Arts Center located at 700 S. FM 2642. You can also read more about safety and security measures at

Cell Phones-Personal Device Usage during the School Day

Helpful Link for Policies and Student Handbook

Please note: Page 60 of the Student Handbook

Instructional Use of Personal Telecommunications and Other Electronic Devices

Students must obtain prior approval to use personal telecommunications or other personal

electronic devices for instructional purposes while on campus.

Students must also sign a user agreement that contains applicable rules for use (separate from this handbook).All personal devices must be turned off during the instructional day when not in use for approved instructional purposes. Violations of the user agreement may result in withdrawal of privileges and other disciplinary action.

This is how RCHS will allow personal device usage during the instructional day at RCHS:

    • Cell phones may be used in hallway during passing periods and scheduled lunch time..

    • Upon entering the classroom, all cell phones and listening devices must be turned off and placed inside backpacks or designated area..

    • During scheduled class period, all cell phones and listening devices must be turned off and placed inside backpacks.

    • If out, cell phones and electronic listening devices will be picked up and turned into the office.

    • ***Parents must pick up the electronics.***


Student schedules will be released electronically through Qmaltive Family Access, August 15th at 12pm. Students may view their schedule at this time. Students will be required to view new schedule on the first day of school through family access. The reason for the new schedule is due to possible changes from the balancing of classes. If there is a problem with your schedule please contact your House Counselor, thank you for your patience as counselors will review all emails in the order they are received.

Kimberly Combest, Alpha House Counselor A-Co,

Tiffany Goff, Beta House Counselor Cr-He,

Chelsea Holcomb, Gamma House Hi-Mi,

Priscilla Sweat, Delta House Counselor Mj-R,

Kathy Blann, Kappa House Counselor S-Z,

Linda Taylor, RCCCA Academic Advisor,

Matt Wheatley, Student Support Counselor,

**All Back to School forms must be completed in order for students to receive their schedule and ID badge.


Updated: 8.17


On the first day of school, students will be required to pick up new (Gold) schedule and ID:

  • 9-11th Grade pick up in Cafeteria upon arrival

  • 12th Grade pick up Gold schedule/ID in Library upon arrival

Students who have first period dismissal will pick up ID/Schedule up in the Library.

Students will be required to wear their ID at all times.

Student Drop Off/Pick Up, Buses, Parking:

  • Pick up and drop off for RCHS students takes place only on RCHS property. Please click on link to view current parent pick up and drop off route.

  • Union Square Neighborhood across from campus is not an approved parent pick up or drop off location or place to park for RCHS students.

  • Bus Information: To find morning and afternoon routes, select Find Your Bus on the RCISD transportation homepage, and enter the student's grade and address information.

  • Parking Permit Forms: Parking Information & Forms

If you have any questions, please call Royse City High School and we will be happy to help.

*The reason students must view new schedule August 18th is due to possible changes from the balancing of classes.

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