EGMS Weekly Update

September 28 - October 2

CDL Learning Continues

Deschutes County has not met the 4th - 12th grade metric for returning to school yet. We will will continue with online learning until we have met that goal and ODE gives us permission to return. Here is our CDL school calendar through November.
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Newsletter 9-18
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Band News

6th Graders!

It is not too late to join Band!

Even though we are online at the moment, 6th grade band is up and running!

Come join Band to learn how to play a flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone, tuba, percussion etc....

No prior knowledge needed!

Take a chance on a fun, lifelong activity! You'll be glad that you did!

Financial assistance is available for School instrument rentals!

Contact Mrs. Withers to Join!


EGMS Parents!

We are teaching your students about the importance of agendas. In your child's AVID class next week they will learn about our own electronic EGMS Agenda and will make a copy for themselves to begin writing in. Eventually, in AVID we will have agenda checks where we will be making sure our students are regularly writing in their agenda. Keep an eye out for your child's agenda and make sure they are writing in it.

Thank you for being ON TIME to class!

Thank you to everyone who is making efforts to being in classes on time! When you're on time, you don't miss instruction. Below you will find our class times, in case you need to post it in your school work area. Keep up the good work Huskies!
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School Bond

RSD November 2020 Bond Measure

  • Redmond School District has placed a $27.5 Bond Measure on the November 2020 Ballot.

  • $27.5 Bond Measure

    • This bond is estimated to not increase the current tax rate

    • This is due to the District’s financial stewardship to refinance and reduce existing debt from prior bonds.

      • And projected growth in taxable assessed values in the district (quantity of homes and value of homes)

    • RSD has also qualified for a $7.6 million matching grant from the State of Oregon’s OSCIM program, only if the measure passes.

  • What does a bond finance?

    • Bonds are for buildings. School districts in Oregon use bonds to finance school construction, building improvements and preservation of facility assets. A school bond is like a home mortgage with principal and interest to be paid off over a set period of time.

Four Key Areas of the Bond

  • 1: Improve Health, Safety and Security

    • Conduct air quality improvements and mitigate asbestos

    • Create secure entryways and update communications systems, locks, fire panels, alarms and security systems.

  • 2: Need to Create Future Capacity

    • The City of Redmond data shows that over the next 20 years, Redmond will grow by 2.5 new residents per day.

    • Future growth in certain neighborhoods is expected to outgrow the capacity of some schools.

    • 6 additional classroom wings at both Tom McCall Elementary and Vern Patrick Elementary (12 total) and potentially new cafeteria spaces at each school.

  • 3: Modernize & Extend Life of Buildings

    • Update technology, collaborative learning spaces and infrastructure

    • Give our students the tools they need to graduate college and career ready.

  • 4: Improve Energy Efficiency, Reduce Operating Costs

    • Address inefficient electrical, heating, lighting and cooling systems.

RSD’s Plan for the Future: Preserving the Community’s Investments

  • 2 Bond Plan: RSD’s ask of the community is to support two bonds over the course of the next four years. The district has structured this plan to maintain the current tax rate in both bond efforts.

    • 2020 Bond: Will address urgent maintenance, upgrades, and capacity needs.

    • 2024 Bond: When 2004 bonds are paid off, will allow RSD to replace M.A. Lynch and update other older school buildings.

  • This strategy will allow the district to address the most urgent needs now with a plan to replace and update schools in 2024 without increasing the tax rate.

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Athletics Corner

If you are looking for information on EGMS Athletics please look on the Elton Gregory Middle School website under the “Athletics” tab then click on “Athletic Information”. Due to COVID -19 and the guidelines put in place by the State of Oregon, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Department of Education and the OSAA our traditional sports seasons will look a little different this year. Athletics will be divided up into 4 seasons. Season 1 info is listed below:

Season 1: November 30th - December 18th. / Times and days TBA.

*Boys Basketball (7th & 8th)

Registration for Boys Basketball should be done through FamilyID and opens September 28th @ 7:00am. Registration for Boys Basketball will close on November 19th @ 3:00pm

**For Seasons 2-4, please reference the information on our website as mentioned above)

All dates are TENTATIVE and SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on us meeting the guidelines put in place by the State of Oregon, Oregon Health Authority, Oregon Department of Education and the OSAA. THE FOLLOWING SCHEDULES WILL ONLY TAKE PLACE IF WE HAVE BEEN APPROVED TO RETURN TO ONSITE LEARNING!


There are several requirements in order to participate in these school sports at EGMS:

  • Proof of insurance & emergency contact form - All to be completed on Family ID.

  • Current Physical- done by a doctor in the last 2 years or after the completion of their 5th grade school year. (turned into the school office)

  • Registration, through FamilyID, will be open October 1st


There is no need to call in an excused absence for appointments because your student has all day to access classwork- teachers will take attendance the following day, around 7am. If they accessed Canvas and did classwork, they will not be marked absent. **If you feel it will not be possible for your student to complete any work in that time frame, please contact Kay Crafton, EMGS Attendance Secretary, at 541-526-6443 so she can mark the absence excused.

We will NOT be using the auto dialer to call about attendance at this time. If you are getting notifications via ParentVue, you can go into the settings and turn that off if you find it stressful or disruptive.

ODE does require us to take attendance each day. We take it a variety of ways, including: attending the live class, completing work on Canvas and communicating with teachers. We understand technical challenges happen. Please communicate with your teachers when they do, so they know you're there and working as best as you can be.

How do I get into StudentVue?

Please call our office for assistance! Our front office will be happy to help you get into StudentVue or ParentVue. Please call 541-526-6440

There is also an app you can access from your phone. Search your app store to find and download.

When you do get in and are looking at schedules, make sure you're not looking at "today" and you're looking at T1 so you can see the schedule.

No Schedule Changes This Year

We are unable to change any schedules this year.

We are in a cohort model and we are preparing to go back to a hybrid schedule when the state gives the ok. When we're back, kids will be with one small group of kids for the whole day. Teachers will move classrooms this year, not kids. That means we can't mix kids up with different schedules.

Thank you for understanding. We are bound by strict safety guidelines by the state and our goal is to keep our kids as safe as possible when we return.

Parent Guidelines for Successful Live Online Learning

Please consider the online classroom as you would a classroom on campus. It is a formal learning environment, not a social media environment.

As we launch this school year in a comprehensive distance learning format, your partnership is more important than ever to ensure success for our entire school community. This communication provides important information about your role to help us accomplish quality experiences for our students, parents, and teachers while in distance learning.

Much of our partnership relies on your trust in our professional educators- to prepare and deliver caring, standards-based instruction in a digital format. Our teachers have spent many hours of professional learning to be prepared for this new context.

Below are guidelines that will help ensure success:

  • Parents, siblings, or other household members should not interrupt the learning process by interjecting verbally, through chat, or through their video presence in the virtual classroom.

  • If a parent has a question about anything that they hear or see in the virtual classroom, the proper means of communication is to email the teacher with the inquiry. As with a physical classroom space, if questions arise about something in the lesson, the teacher is the first person of contact.

  • The virtual classroom ‘enters’ the homes of other families. Please be aware that if you see or hear something that occurs in another household, you should treat that information as confidential.

  • Because we share our online classroom with other families, it is not appropriate for parents, siblings, or other household members to video online instruction or to photograph/screenshot during instruction.

  • Please be aware of the appropriateness of your student’s background and attire when in distance learning. The background and attire should be school appropriate and not disruptive nor offensive.

  • All live sessions will be recorded, including whole class, small group and individual instruction and student support.

  • If a teacher has concerns about a student’s online presence- due to behavior or other circumstances, the teacher may select to mute the student from audio, or block the student’s video or chat access. These actions do not constitute removal from access to the instructional environment. The teacher may also remove the student from the online classroom temporarily. If a removal occurs, a meeting with a building administrator and parent will be scheduled to address the concern. The district Technology Use agreement provisions apply while in distance learning.

EGMS Full-Time Online Students

You are strongly encouraged to be in class during the bell scheduled times every day. We believe that this will help you increase your learning, have access to your teachers, and get assistance directly from your teachers. If you do not attend the live daily lesson, we do expect that you access every class in CANVAS at some point during the day. Per the Oregon Department of Education requirements we are required to take attendance every period, every day, and therefore will need to have evidence that you logged into and demonstrated engagement in each class, each day.

Se le recomienda encarecidamente estar en clase durante el horario programado de timbre todos los días. Creemos que esto lo ayudará a aumentar su aprendizaje, a tener acceso a sus maestros y a obtener ayuda directamente de sus maestros. Si no asiste a la lección diaria en vivo, esperamos que acceda a todas las clases en CANVAS en algún momento durante el día. De acuerdo con los requisitos del Departamento de Educación de Oregon, estamos obligados a tomar la asistencia en cada período, todos los días y, por lo tanto, necesitaremos tener evidencia de que inició sesión y demostró participación en cada clase, todos los días.

Nutrition Services

As of just this morning, the USDA has extended free meals for kids under the Summer Food Service Program through December 31, 2020.

RSD Nutrition Services will provide curbside school meal pickup for all children 18 & under on planned school days 7:00 - 8:00 a.m. & 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. outside at these 10 school locations:

  • Terrebonne Elementary

  • Tumalo Elementary

  • Redmond High School

  • Ridgeview High School

  • Tom McCall Elementary

  • John Tuck Elementary

  • Vern Patrick Elementary

  • Sage Elementary

  • Hugh Hartman Elementary

  • M.A. Lynch Elementary

Additionally, we will provide access to meals at two outlying locations

  • At the bus stop (behind the fire station on Quail & Shad Rds) on CRR 9AM-9:30AM

  • At Diamond Bar Ranch Park (NE) 10:30AM-11AM

These meals will be grab & go (non-congregate) and breakfast and lunch will be packaged together. They may be picked up by either children themselves or a parent/guardian on their behalf at NO CHARGE through December 31, 2020. No identification will be necessary.

Please be patient as we adjust our staff, production, and operations to best meet the needs of our community and also understand that we too are facing unprecedented supply chain issues and rising food costs. Given our resources, we’ve tried to make school meal pick-up as safe and convenient as we possibly can. Please also consider that your participation in our program extends your personal food budget, may be a comforting routine for students, is confidential and not just for low-income families, helps to utilize existing inventory (less food waste), and helps us to keep our local school meal program financially afloat.

As a last reminder, understand that under the National School Lunch Program, which will presumably resume if/when students return from Holiday break in January 2021, meals will return to being charged based on meal benefit eligibility status. Therefore, meal benefit applications are currently being processed for the 2020-21 school year and can be completed either on-line using a computer (not optimized for mobile devices) or via print/mail by visiting the RSD Nutrition Services webpage at

We look forward to getting our students back in our school cafeterias!

Nurse Kim's Corner

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Calling EGMS

If you get our voicemail when you call, please remember to leave:

  1. First and last name of student or Student ID #
  2. Return phone number

We have received many calls directly from students who have forgotten to leave their name. We want to be sure we can call everyone back.

Thank you!

EGMS Front Office Staff

Get EGMS Text Notifications!

To receive district and school text notifications, text the word YES to 68453.

Chromebooks and Hotspots

Hello families! We are waiting for the shipment of NEW Chromebooks to arrive! Mr. Capps takes care of Chromebook and Hotspot requests so please contact him if you need either-

Yearbook Update

Our yearbook is moving to production! We are excited the Life Touch lab was finally able to get us what we need. Stay tuned for distribution dates!

Building Closed

The building will remained closed during our CDL learning but our office staff is here and working. If you need anything please call us at 541-526-6440 so we can help.