Bearcat Board Story

June 18, 2019

The school board of the Gasconade County R-I School District met Monday, June 17th in regular and executive sessions.

The board recognized State Track students in attendance with Track Coach Josh Morris. The board commended the athletes on their respective finishes in State competition as well as Coach Morris on his growth and success with the program. The board also congratulated golf athlete Thomas Henson on his 5th place finish at the state tournament. (Thomas was unable to attend this meeting.)

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During the meeting.....

In the regular meeting, the board received building and department reports as well as received a budget update from Dr. Smith. Due to the declining enrollment of the district, Dr. Smith shared with the board projections for decreased revenue. The board formally approved the 2019-2020 budget that was reviewed in detail at the work session held previously.

Dr. Smith discussed the annual Title I review with the board. With new teaching staff and changes in the grades of program concentration, the board looks forward to seeing the trends shown by the data.

A review of the facilities maintenance was discussed and summer projects are well underway. The board thanked the maintenance and custodial staff for all their hard work.

The board approved policy IGCD concerning virtual coursework after discussion with the guidance counselors present. Mrs. Pazdera and Mrs. Poehlman presented their 2018-19 guidance department review and gave the board a detailed discussion of the data in the report. The board thanked them for all their hard work behind the scenes to help our buildings operate smoothly.

Dr. Smith presented the board with the Medicaid Consortium Addendum as well as the OT/PT and nursing services plans which were all approved. Due to students with high needs entering the district, these programs are required to be in place and our staff has worked diligently to find the best and most economical solution.

In closed session, the board accepted the resignation of Jill Jacob and went on to hire Lindsey Engemann as an Elementary Teacher. The board also approved the hire of Special Education teacher Pamela Eldridge and Elementary Building Secretary Becky Watts. The board approved the list of annual stipend payments as well as the list of coaches presented by Athletic Director Todd Anderson.